Countdown to iOS 17.1 | Here’s what all is changing with the new updates

As the latest iOS update is on the horizon, find out all the latest features and exciting updates it comes with!

Apple is all set to release its latest iOS version, 17.1 on October 24. The update is majorly targeted toward reducing the radiation levels of the iPhone 12. Back in September, France ordered Apple to fix the radiation issues with their iPhone 12 model. ANFR has recently announced that the ban on iPhone 12 will remain until all the issues are completely fixed.

With the launch of the iPhone 15, Apple recently discontinued the sale of the iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro models, and the iPhone 13 Mini in India.

What’s in store with the most recent iOS 17.1?

Apart from offering a fix for the overheating issue with the iPhone 12, iOS 17.1 also introduces a range of notable features for all users. The updates are targeted toward improving the overall iOS ecosystem including its Music App, AirDrop feature, and other features.

Let’s have a look at all the recent upgrades offered by iOS 17.1.

  1. AirDrop will have an “Out of Range” option in iOS 17.1. Users will be able to do this even if the two devices are far apart and send and receive files that way. Wi-Fi or mobile data will be used to complete the file transfer, which is extremely helpful when transferring huge files.
  2. iPhone users in the UK will be able to add their debit and credit cards from specific banks to the Wallet app using the Connected Cards feature. They will be able to do this without opening the bank app to view their most recent transactions and balances. This is an easy way to keep track of your spending and handle your money.
  3. With Apple’s latest music app feature, users will soon be able to designate their preferred songs, albums, playlists, and artists with the star icon. The chosen products will be added to your library, which will aid Apple in making better suggestions. Apple might suggest more music by a given artist in the future if, for instance, you have a lot of songs by that artist that you enjoy.

What are the iPhone models that will have the iOS 17.1 update?

All the latest iPhone users will be able to use the upgrades of iOS 17.1 from October 24. The iPhone models that support iOS 17.1 include the following-
iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

  • iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generation)
  • iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max)
  • iPhone 12 ( Mini, Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone 13 ( Mini, Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone 14 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone 15 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max)

The iOS 17.1 update will readily be available for all users across the globe, giving users better functionality and resolving legal issues.