iBall Guard introduces Eagle’s Eye Vigil with 2.0 MP HD ‘Panoramic Camera with Fish Eye lens’

iBall introduces CCTV Panoramic Camera that’s equipped with Fisheye lens. iBall Guard Fish Eye camera suffices to capture the entire area instead of multiple traditional cameras set up. It is useful for the CCTV landscape for entry-level and SOHO requirements.

According to the iBall press release:

The Camera offers eagle’s view that brings 360-degree coverage with the 1.44 mm Super-wide lens that no details can escape. With ordinary cameras, the number of subtle details are missed out in the 2D surveillance; the innovative Fish-Eye camera offers an interactive 3D panoramic view to keep an eye on every minute corner. Every angle will be monitored with multi-views, even could be zoomed in and out of the visuals in various modes such as fish eye mode, cylindrical mode, grid mode, tile mode, split mode and top mode.

Eagle’s Eye Vigil with 2.0 MP HD

It has 2 MP camera along the  3 Mini Matrix IR LEDs have been fitted to assure clarity in the low light and dark conditions. Its H.264 Video Compression feature compresses the videos to save space. Moreover, with a Micro SD support of up to 64 GB, it has the capacity to store bountiful of data.

View all the happenings directly on your Smartphone, Tablet PC, and stay tuned all the way. It is engineered for easy-installation and easy-configuration that you do not need any technical expertise. Tiny and discreet in design, it occupies the least space and blends with the surroundings well.

iBall Guard Eagle’s Eye Vigil with 2.0 MP HD ‘Panoramic Camera with Fish Eye lens

The fish-eye camera is one of a kind, that innovates to bring you the two-way live audio conversation, and motion-based alarm that registers every motion and immediately triggers the alarm and notifying on the phone itself.

The product is already available in the leading stores across India at just INR 6,590