InFocus is About to Launch Bezel-less Display Smartphone

This year, so far, we have seen the trend of the bezel-less displays. Whether it is Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo or other Chinese smartphone manufactures, everybody is trying to enhance the user experience with infinity display view. Recently, we got an invitation from the Infocus team and it seems like they are about do something same.

The phone shown in the image looks like has a display above 5.7 inches and no capacitive touchscreen navigation buttons. Right now, we can’t comment anything before the December 19th of 2017 because it is the official date revealed by the Infocus to launch this new bezel-less smartphone.

InFocus is About to Launch Bezel-less Smartphone


Also, the company promoting this new Infocus smartphone with a hashtag #BeyondYourVision. So, stay tuned for more updates…