Microsoft Store App Publishing Time Reduced

Recently, on 29th June of 2018, the Microsoft has announced that the informational changes to an app will update much faster than before:  This includes the promise to release updates more quickly with new regulations and to release promotions such as discounts, new app descriptions and more in just one hour for developers.

Developers had repeatedly criticized that Microsoft is releasing changes too slowly.

So, Microsoft has announced in their blog post; the changes in the Microsoft Store, now allow a faster update of the store listings. As soon as a developer wants to make changes to the store listing on an already published app, for example, to complete the description of the app, add new screenshots or videos, change the price of the app or start a time-limited sale, he can make these changes now usually in less than an hour.

However, the application packages that developers send to the Microsoft Store are not directly affected by these improved processing times, said by Microsoft in its blog. But there is a promise that it “only” takes up to three business days for the data to pass through the certification process. As a rule, the group should now have made improvements in this update process, so that updates are visible in the store within a few hours.

The software giant has already released the changes to the store, developers and users alike can already benefit from the faster process since this week.

The app store listings, for example, lagged behind the actual updates, so new screenshots took much longer than the updated installation packages themselves until they became visible to users.

Microsoft store

Via Winfuture and Microsoft blog