Netgear Nightwalk Pro XR500 gaming router launched in India. A router with gaming improvements

Are you a hardcore gamer? There is a good news for you. No! Not a new Ryzen processor. It is a gaming wireless router by the networking giant Netgear. The Netgear Nightwalk Pro XR500 is launched today in Bangalore. The beast comes with a price tag of Rs. 23,000. Yes, it worth it. You can expect some premium functionalities from this device, which should rejuvenate your experience of gaming. Want to purchase it? You can get it at Netgear authorized outlets and from online stores.

Netgear says, the XR500 will feature a pioneering firmware, which will optimize the gaming performance in all the meaningful ways. You can get a better ping, lesser lag spikes, which will make the wireless and wired connection more reliable. Just like other routers, it has 4 LAN ports along with 1 WAN port. All the Ethernet ports are Gigabit Ethernet ports for faster gaming. The XR500 dual-band router will also feature 15 additional DFS channels for the 5 GHz band, for reduced interference.

The product comes with 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, and supports Wave 2 Quad-Stream Multi-user MIMO or MU-MIMO, with 4 antennas to stop you from complaining about any connectivity issues. If you want to make the gaming experience better, go for this product. This product is meant for both serious and casual gamers. It will not only boost your local network gameplay, but your multiplayer gameplay over the internet will also be improved dramatically.

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