Portronics Power Wallet 10K launched in India at ₹ 2,999

The gadget that has changed the way of our living is a Smartphone. It can go us where we are going, travel with us miles while enlighting us with different pieces of information, lead us to the right path via GPS and entertain when we are feeling lonely, however, it also needs something in return i.e Power. Yes, in order to meet every requirement of our daily lives, we need a good battery backup smartphone which when combined with good Power bank, we can go for lengths without any worry.

Portronics is giving a helping hand to our smartphone work via its newly launched Power Wallet 10K.

The Power Wallet 10K has built-in 10,000 mAh Power bank, USB Charging Cable and diary to take quick notes. It also has four slots with decent space for carrying cash and other travel documents. The device comes with an easy to control power button and four external LEDs to show the current charging status.

It has an inbuilt removable 10,000mAh lithium polymer battery with 5V/2A output. Power Wallet 10K is BIS certified product

For connectivity, Power Wallet 10K has an embedded USB female connector to charge any kind of smart device like Apple, Android and other 5V USB chargeable devices like digital camera, GPS devices, Fitness trackers, and more.

This Diary of Power wallet is of PU leather body and black in colour that weighs 590 grams with dimensions 22.5cmx18cmx2.5 cm. A mobile phone, up to 6.5 inches can fit in securely into the Power Wallet10K.

Portronics – Power Wallet 10K