Printo – An Online on-demand 3D printing store Launched by Jugnoo

The 3D printing now going more portable, convenient and cost effecting then before for multiple industries. Printing is not a new thing and also now the 3D printing but still, people refrain to use it because of cost and usability as compared to our normal printing. However, the Jugnoo an Indian Startup has found out a solution to make the 3D printing affordable and convenient for everyone by launching an On-demand online 3D printing store called Printo.

To make this possible the Jugnoo has partnered with a GEM platform which is a Korean company. They are the Jugnoo’s exclusive Indian re-sellers of 3D printers that make 3-dimensional objects using PLA and ABS filaments. Gemini, one of their printer models, stands out in the cluster due to its impeccable app and web-based ease of integration.

One can also be customized their products prototype on Printo through Jugnoo app. The company also mentioned in the press release after ordering the printed prototype they will deliver the product in the shortest time possible. In addition to this, Jugnoo will be onboarding various merchants on the platform across the number of cities.

Jugnoo is now set to cater to various sectors such as Education, Medical, Architecture, Automotive, Electronics etc, disrupting the market with Printo. With 3D technology and PC compatibility, it helps in product customization, least wastage, and faster production easing the process of converting a picture into a physical object with its quick designing and printing feature.

Jugnoo Printo an online 3D printing store

“We also plan on expanding our services by educating kids on 3D printing technology, hardware & software, designing, linking and other basic details. We are empowering tomorrow’s creators by integrating technology in their disciplines. For instance, inculcating 3D printing into the existing curriculum of Robotics could also be a good platform for shaping kids future.” adds Samar Singla, Founder, and CEO.

While the high school kids get to learn about the technical details of hardware and software of 3D printers, the younger ones get to create a customized model. Jugnoo will also have experts/professionals onboard who would train students and provide the necessary training as this would open up more opportunities for higher education.

Jugnoo would make sure that the particulars about the ideal technology reach the right people, at the right time, at the right place, thereby empowering design systems and encouraging innovation.