Quora in Hindi, and will likely be available in other Indian languages

Being a netizen, I am sure, you have used Quora, at least once in your life. A new netizen? Quora is a knowledge sharing website based in Mountain View, California, which has more than 200 million visitors monthly. You can ask your questions on Quora.com, and it will be answered by thousands of users, who are interested in or have knowledge in the subject. Even you can help others with your knowledge. Being a service, which had its origin in the US, there isn’t any doubt the service is available in English.

But recently Gautam Shewakramani, the Country Manager of Quora announced to IANS, the service is also available in India’s national language. Yes, you thought it right. You can now enjoy Quora in Hindi. The sole objective of the move is to increase the user base of Quora in India. Indians of different regions can even find Quora in their own regional languages in the coming days.

Quora in Hindi, and will likely be available in other Indian languages

Quora was founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, who was the former Chief Technology Officer of Facebook. Quora’s launch in Hindi is not a sudden step. A beta version of Quora in Hindi was available to a small group of users in April 2018. But, now the Hindi version of Quora is open to all. Apart from the availability in English, Quora is even available in other foreign languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French, and many other languages.

Quora is no doubt one of the most popular knowledge sharing platforms, and I am quite optimistic about its bright future in a growing country like India. It is really great, that the users can get knowledge about the things they are interested in, without the need of knowing English.

What is your view about the availability of Quora in Hindi, and other Indian languages? Surely let me know, about your views, in the comment section down below.

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