Reddit, the third most visited website in the US, surpasses Facebook

Reddit is one of the most popular social discussion websites, and recently it has surpassed Facebook as the 3rd most visited website in the US. The report came from Alexa, which is a web traffic analyzing platform by Amazon. Facebook went backward in ranking, probably due to the recent Cambridge Analytica Data breach scandal, which is still a sad melancholy for the company.

Reddit, the third most visited website in the US, surpasses Facebook

Though Reddit is at 3rd, Google is still the most visited website, and YouTube comes next, followed by Reddit, Facebook, and Amazon. Users spend almost 15 minutes and 10 seconds on Reddit, while users on Facebook spend 10 minutes 50 seconds on average. The daily pageviews of Reddit are also 9.73 on average for a single visitor.

As per the reports by Statistica, almost 2.19 billion users were active on Facebook, and for Reddit, it was 1.69 billion users. The US accounts for the biggest share of the desktop traffic on Reddit, which is around 40%. It is followed by the users of the UK and Canada. On the other hand, Facebook had brought some recent changes in its platform to make it safer, and comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, which came in effect from 25th May.

It is really hard to believe that Facebook is not among the top 3 websites visited, in the US. But Reddit’s existence in the top 3, is limited only to the US. Yes, as of now. Facebook is still the third most visited website, at least in India, though Google is at the top. I am talking about the reports as per Alexa. The Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart is the 9th most visited site in India.

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