Revolt announced the RV 400 electric bike in India with some amazing specs

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With pollution becoming a major concern in today’s world, the increase in automobiles is adding fuel to the existing problem. Thankfully electric vehicles are gradually gaining popularity in some parts of the world, not to mention those vehicles will at least reduce emission on roads.

Though electric vehicles will not completely take over diesel and petrol vehicles any time soon, the more the number of electric vehicles, the better will it be for our environment. While e-rickshaws are abundantly seen on the roads today, e-scooters too has earned some popularity in the recent times, and the eco-friendly scooters are well-known for their decent speeds and mileage.

With that being said, Revolt Intellicorp, a Haryana-based two-wheeler startup company has recently announced the launch of the RV 400 electric bike in India. The AI enabled RV 400 bike will offer a mileage (the distance that can be travelled with a single charge) up to 156 KM, as per the ARAI certification, with a maximum speed of 85 km/h, which undoubtedly sounds impressive.

The bike will be equipped with disc brakes on both wheels, which will offer power to stop to the bike. The RV 400 delivers an appealing look with an inverted fork in front, and the back of the bike is equipped with a Monoshock.

The price of the vehicle isn’t revealed officially yet, but it is expected to be around 100,000 INR. The bike will be 4G enabled, and it can be controlled by the Revolt app, which will be available for both Android and iOS.

The app will feature a number of useful functionalities to the user, which includes, Anti-theft, bike locator, and some other handy features like mobile swap stations, battery delivery, etc. Everything sounds impressive, at least on pen and paper, and I am sure, the bike will rock with its arrival in the Indian market.

RV 400 electric bike in India

As per the founder of the company Rahul Sharma, the RV 400 bike will be initially available for sale in Delhi, and it will subsequently be followed by the NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and other cities in the coming months.

The interested users can pre-book the bike on the official website of the company and Amazon starting from 25th of June. The riders will get a convenient option for changing their batteries through swapping stations initially in Delhi, and the portable battery can be charged either at home, office or other places.

Talking about the company, i.e. Revolt Intellicorp, it has a production facility in Manesar, Haryana, which has a vehicle production capacity of almost 1.2 lakh per year. Rahul Sharma, the founder of the company is targeting a double-digit market share in the Indian two-wheeler market of over 21 million bikes.

The real-life performance of the RV 400 vehicle is yet to be observed, once it reaches the potential riders, who are interested in this innovative product. I am quite optimistic about the performance and acceptability of the new eco-friendly bike, and I am sure the company will keep rolling out new editions of the bike with additional improvements as per the market’s need.

So that was all about the Revolt RV 400 electric bike that will shortly be available in India. Are you curious to ride the new electric bike? Feel free to comment the same down below.

Sarbasish Basu
From B.Tech (Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer to Photography and Writing blogs; he ultimately has answers to everything. Oh, and he's also quite good in rapidly building a relationship and set up the trust; his articles are proof of that...


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