Samsung Note 9 still can’t beat iPhone X in terms of performance

Recently, the Samsung has launched its new flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9. Although Samsung claims that the phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and 6GB/8GB running memory, but according to Tom’s Guide’s tests ran on Galaxy Note 8 shows some different picture that pointing out this phone’s performance is still not comparable to the iPhone X.

samsung galaxy note 9 smartpone

Tom’s Guide has tested the entry-level 6 GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  In the Geekbench 4 test, the iPhone X scored 10357, which exceeded all other devices. In comparison, Galaxy Note 9 scored 8876, plus Oneplus 6 for 9088 points.

Geekbench 4 samsung note 9

In the overall performance on Geekbench 4 tests; the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 delivers reliable performance in multicore testing, with 8876 points being much better than last year’s Note 8. This score also exceeds Google Pixel 2 XL, but don’ forget that it was also using the same Snapdragon 835 chip as Galaxy Note 8.

Slingshot Extreme test Galaxy Note 9

At the same time, in the Slingshot Extreme test called “one of the most demanding graphics tests in the 3DMark mobile device test environment,” the Galaxy Note 9 was once again overtaken by other models. This time, one plus 6 ranked first with 5124 points, iPhone X ranked second with 4994 points, and Galaxy Note 9 only had 4639 points, slightly higher than Galaxy S9+ 4634 points.

Display Gamut color test

Samsung GalaxyNote 9 brightness

However, the Galaxy Note 9 has not been fully rolled up by the iPhone X. This phone performs very well on screen testing. The AMOLED panel has an amazing 224% in the sRGB color gamut, far exceeding the 128.6% of the iPhone X. . In addition, Note 9’s screen brightness reached 604 nits, higher than the iPhone X’s 574 nits.

The final conclusion of Tom’s Guide is that although the running test is not the final manifestation of smartphone performance, these results seem to be the latest evidence that the iPhone is “invincible” in terms of hardware and software integration.