SHARP “J Series” Room Air Purifiers: New series launched to purify the Air

SHARP Business System India Private Limited, the 100% subsidiary of SHARP Corporation, Japan today announces the launch of the new “J Series” Room Air Purifiers especially designed and built for India.

While living in a polluted environment, our goal should be to reduce the exposure or risk from indoor pollutants, and by breathing fresh air for at least 8 to 10 hours a day, we will nourish our cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system and take the pressure off our Immune System thus giving stamina and energy to fight diseases while in challenging environments. The fundamental purpose of an Air Purifier is to help in reducing toxic load entering the body thereby reducing sick days and medication.

Sharp FP-J30M

WHAT all can it eliminate?

With every season and urban condition, there are a variety of pollutants indoor and the right air purifier should be able to destroy all of them – House Dust, PM2.5/PM10, Infectious substances like fungi, mold, mites, virus etc., VOC, toxic fumes, Static electricity and dander is what the J series effectively eliminates.

HOW MUCH can it eliminate?

SHARP has obtained third-party verifications from 31 renowned labs on the various types of pollutants and infectious substances neutralized and eliminated from room spaces within a specified time frame.

HOW does it eliminate?

SHARP J Series deploys the high-density ACTIVE Plasmacluster Technology combined with PASSIVE Mechanical Filtration Systems (PM10 Pre Filter, Carbon Filter & H14 Grade True HEPA Filter) to trap and eliminate the harmful substances. IEC Japan and BRITISH ALLERGY FOUNDATION Seal of Approval confirms the SAFETY & EFFECTIVENESS of the Purification process along with 29 other global labs. It is also proven through IEC, Japan Safety Standards of EN1822 that the SHARP Plasmacluster Technology doesn’t produce any harmful Ozone during the Purification process.

J60 Air Purifier

Mentioned below are some benefits of SHARP J Series Air Purifiers:

HAZE Mode:

During winters the density of pollutants increases in the lower atmosphere. More number of pollutants enters the respiratory tract in one breath. The HAZE Mode in SHARP J Series ensures superior purification from poisonous HAZE substances like Toluene, Benzene, NOx, Sox etc using the Plasmacluster, HEPA & Carbon Filters along with strong airflow and suction.

Light Sensor:

Many of us like dark rooms while asleep. While the interactive panel in SHARP J Series displays the Wattage consumed, PM2.5 levels (only on J60 & J80), Odor and Dust levels it ensures that the panel lights are switched OFF as soon as the room lights are turned OFF. Thanks to the super sensitive light sensor mounted on the panel.

Washable PM10 Pre Filter:

House Dust, Dander, coarse dust up to 10 microns can now be trapped and washed from the Pre Filter without loading the HEPA.

Charged HEPA:

Deploys H14 Grade True HEPA for 99.97% efficiency, which due to charges generated inside the HEPA, particles are trapped in corners thus not clogging the air path and thus maintaining efficiency for up to 2 years. Enhanced life and efficiency for complete peace and high ROI.

SPOT Mode (only on J60 & J80):

As we all know that the concentration of harmful substances are generally at a lower height where the furnishings, carpets etc. are housed and our children also inhale at that height. The high-density Plasmacluster emitted from the SPOT Mode enables a quicker removal of VOC, Infections and Static Charge to offer sterilized air to your loved ones.

PM2.5 level Monitoring (only on J60 & J80):

While the air is being taken from each corner of the room space through powerful suction, the sensor placed right at the Input duct before mechanical filtration ensures modest PM2.5 level monitoring of the purified air in the room.

Global certifications for SAFETY & EFFECTIVENESS:

Each and every claim made in SHARP J Series is backed by Global Certifications from 31 renowned Labs. SHARP announced its achievement of 7 crore satisfied users till April 2018 for Plasmacluster Ion Technology, the highest in the world for Air Purification. Plasmacluster Technology can best be described as the next generation of Air Purifiers. This natural purification method works by using an electrical discharge to create both Positive and Negative ions, which are then surrounded in water and then released into the air. This process can clean the air and surface from irritants including dust, fungi, viruses, pollen and mold etc.

Pricing& Availability:

SHARP’s FP-J30M-B priced at Rs 19,250 is exclusively available through Vestige Marketing Private Limited and the FP-J40M-W, FP-J60M-W& FP-J80M-H priced at Rs 27,000, Rs 35,000 & Rs 39,000 respectively are sold through our online and offline Sales & Distribution Networks across India.