Smiling May Makes You Look Older then you Are…

Advertising in a variety of anti-aging products is usually the effect of older women smiling to promote the product, but a new study shows that this may not be a good advertising strategy.

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University found that, contrary to the prevailing view of “laughing and laughing less,” smiles actually make you look older.

In this study, the researchers asked 40 participants to evaluate the face pictures of 35 women and 35 men.

Participants can see one of two facial expressions on each person’s face, either a neutral face or a smile.

Smiling May Makes You Look Older
Image source: Reuters

Picture of actress Helen Mirren while smiling and without smiling 


The results showed that, on average, participants appeared older when they smiled.

Despite this, after the experiment, most participants said they still believe that smiling makes people look younger.

Researchers led by Tzvi Ganel said: “The results of the study show for the first time that people mistakenly think that smiling makes people look younger. In fact, smiling makes people look older because the wrinkles around their eyes look more Obvious. ”


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