SuperSU Developer Announces: Will Stop Developing All ROOT Application

For users who are in early contact with Android phones, ROOT may be the first thing users do to get the phone. ROOT can modify some of the rights of Android phones to achieve more functions, so it is loved by many Android users.

The ROOT software is best known as SuperSU app, but the software developer Chainfire recently announced on the Google+ account that all his ROOT applications will no longer be maintained or updated.

SuperSU Developer Announces Will Stop Developing All ROOT Application

But SuperSU will continue to be developed and it will be maintained by another team.

In addition to SuperSU, Chainfire also developed well-known APPs such as CF Auto Root, Suhide, 500 Firepaper, and DSLR Controller.

With the optimization and improvement of Android systems by various mobile phone manufacturers, the demand for ROOT has become less and less, and many ROOT and Flash software have stopped updating. This also reflects that the practicality of mobile phone systems has been improved.

SuperSU Developer’s Google+ Announcement Link