Toshiba launches a new range of home appliances in India

News Highlights:

  • The newly launched range includes washing machines, refrigerators and water purifiers
  • Strengthens brand positioning with the campaign ‘Details Matter’
  • Range of Toshiba Washing Machines would be available from INR 13,900 to INR 56,590
  • Range of Toshiba Refrigerators would be available from INR 27,490 to INR 85,490
  • Range of Toshiba Water Purifiers would be available from INR 23,990 to INR 26,990

Toshiba recently launched a new series of products in India includes Toshiba Refrigerators, Washing Machines (Front Load and Semi-Automatic), and Water Purifiers.

As per the company, they have introduced  ‘Great Waves’ technology in their front load washing machines that intelligently wash clothes and save electricity bills. As per them, their machines can save up to 67 percent of energy and also protects the clothes from getting faded up to 39 percent, claimed by the Toshiba lab tested under standard conditions. Real inverter motor with a 10-year warranty is available across all front load machines.

The introduced refrigerators come with capacities ranging from 661 Ltrs to 252 Ltr with “Door Shower cooling” and ‘Auto Ice Maker’ in their 2 Door Frost free range. They have glossy design and real Inverter compressor with a 10-year warranty is available for all models.

Toshiba R0+UV multistage Water purifier introduced with the UV Shield Last Point Purification to kill 99.99% of micro-organisms. A 5-year warranty on the UV lamp is applicable across both water purifier products.

Price List – Refrigerator Range of Toshiba

Category2 Door TMF Range
Capacity (L)ModelMRP

Price List for Toshiba Washing Machines

CategoryCapacity (Kg)ModelCapacity (Kg)MRP
SATT-WM7.5 KgVH-J85W-IND7.5 Kg13900
10.5 KgVH-J115W-IND10.5 Kg17990
12.5 KgVH-J135W-IND12.5 Kg21990
FAFL-WM7.0 KgTW-BH80S2IND7.0 Kg40990
7.5 KgTW-BH85S2IND7.5 Kg44690
8.0 KgTW-BH90S2IND8.0 Kg45090
8.0 KgTW-BH90M4IND8.0 Kg49990
9.0 KgTW-BH100M4IND9.0 Kg56590

Toshiba Water Purifier Price List

CategoryCapacity (Kg)ModelCapacity (Kg)MRP
RO + UV8 LJN1808P-RV8 L23990
8 LJN1808S-RV8 L26990

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