How to crop documents within photos using the new extension available with Google Photos Android app

Google Photos is presently one of the most popular photo apps available out there, and among the numerous features, the best thing undoubtedly, is the ability to back up unlimited photos and videos to the Google Photos server, completely for free. Google Photos has gone through massive changes in the last few years, and it is now Google’s playground to test the AI and machine learning tools it is constantly developing. Recently, Google has introduced a new feature, with the help of which, you can crop documents right within the Google Photos app. Our mobile phones today are the new age document scanners, which can be used anywhere, anytime, no matter, whether you have a scanner or not.

After we capture the photo of a document, we use multiple apps like CamScanner, Adobe Scan, to make them look like a document and printer-friendly for printing them again by wasting the minimum ink. But with Google Photos introducing this feature, you will never again have to use any such third-party apps to scan documents with your smartphone. This feature is currently available only on the Google Photos app, however, I am sure this feature will later be available for the Google Photos desktop, website, as well.

So without any further delay, let’s get started with how you can crop documents on the Google Photos app.

Cropping documents images with Google Photos

  1. If you haven’t captured the photo of the document yet, just capture it using your Camera app. Otherwise, open Google Photos, and tap on any photo that has a document, to open it.
  2. Once opened, simply tap on the edit icon, as shown in the screenshot below.Cropping documents on Google Photos 10
  3. Now tap on the last icon, which opens up the option to edit a photo in other apps, as shown in the below screenshot.
    edit document images on Google Photos 20
  4. Now, tap on the ‘Crop document’ under the group ‘Extensions’.Cropping documents on Google Photos 30
  5. Now, use the 4 dots in the corners to crop the photo as per the length of your document. When the adjustment is done, simply tap on ‘Done’.

    Select the corners of photo

  6. Finally, you can apply several effects, before you tap on ‘Save copy’ to save the photo as a new document.

    save cropped document

Well, that is how you can crop photos containing documents, using Google Photos. However, I didn’t find any option, as of now, which can automatically crop documents within photos. Hopefully, Google will introduce that feature too, on Photos soon. Spoiler alert, this feature is not just limited to documents. I have tried this with normal photos and to my surprise, I noticed, it is working with them, as well. I wish there was an option to crop the photos horizontally and vertically, as well, just like Adobe Scan and other similar apps. Well, that isn’t a deal-breaker at all. You can still use Google Photos to keep scanning documents without using any third-party app.

So that was all about how you can crop documents within photos using Google Photos, using the new extension.

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