Twenty-Two Motors Launches Scooter FLOW, AI-enabled & Cloud-Connected

Twenty-Two Motors announced Artificial Intelligence enabled Smart Electric Scooter FLOW in India at Auto Expo 2018.  The pre-booking of this cloud-connected scooter will start from 8th Feb 2018 and priced at 74,740 INR.

The Scooter Flow, as the company said is the smart solution for the Indian consumers to commute in the crowded and gridlocked situations in the metro cities without any hassle and adverse environmental impact.

Twenty Two Auto Scooter Flow

Now the thing is how this scooter is a Smart vehicle and what its AI can do for you?

According to the Twenty-Two Motors, the AI-System of the Flow is integrated with various types of sensors and real-time connectivity those send different data to their servers to analyze using the complex algorithm and suggest any upcoming service requirement. The company also launched a smart app for smartphones for users to control vehicle and know about its situation.  You can define your own range of geographical area using a Geofencing feature of the app in which when the vehicle cross that zone you will get an alert. Also in case you scooter get punctured you can set the drag mode in which it will automatically move along you at walking speed

Other features are:

  • Cruise control helps to keep the vehicle running at a steady speed, irrespective of the conditions and the terrain.
  • Reverse mode allows you to move the scooter backward
  • SOS- If the person is an emergency situation he/she can use SOS Mode on the FLOW with a click of an SOS button on the smart scooter that will send message and your location to the registered numbers

AI-enabled, Cloud-Connected Scooter FLOW

Key Specifications of the Twenty Two Auto Scooter Flow

*Approximately 85 kg and is equipped with a DC motor

*Powered by a Lithium-Ion Battery

*Charged within a 5 hours

*Total distance can travel is roughly more than 80kms

*Top speed 60 KMPH

*Dual battery options available which can provide 160 km travel distance

*FLOW is featured such as telescopic suspension, in-built mobile charger and sufficient storage space for 2 helmets.

*Dual disk brakes for a quick halt.

*Intelligent Electronic braking system (EBS) not only ensures better braking but also generates power to charge the battery each time you brake.

*Smart digital speedometer

*FOC – BLDC motor

*Torque of 90 NM

*No engine means more space: 24L Boot Space


*Can be charged in any 5-ampere plug.

*Wireless battery

*WARRANTY- 50,000 Kms


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