USB 3.00 Dual Hard Drive Docking Station Introduces by TAG

TAG (Technology and Gadgets) has introduced USB 3.00 Dual Hard Drive Docking Station. The Docking Station can support Standard 2.5/3.5 inch SATA I/II/III HDD’s SSD’s. It can easily transfer data from your SATA hard drives to your computers through a USB Connection. It can directly exchange data between two docked drives.

It supports 8TBX2 drives and also has 2 USB3.00 ports hub and USB3.00 card reader built-in along with 1 touch backup button supporting clone feature.

Hard Drive Docking Station Usb 3.0

The Docking Station has an Intelligent Sleep function. The HDD can be suspended automatically if there is no operation for 30 min. It can save energy and improve HDD/SSD lifetime. The Two USB 3.0 ports and one quickly charge enable users to connect the docking station to devices more conveniently.

It has a Simple Installation Design and do not need tools to install the HDD/SSD. It offers a stable data transfer and a high-speed up-to 5GBPS.

Dual Hard Drive Docking Station  Specifications

Supported Devices :           2.5 inch& 3.5inch SATA I/II/III supported

Dimensions :                      138mm(W)/115mm(L)/62mm(H)

Max. Data Transfer :           USB3.0( MAX 5Gbps), USB2.0( MAX 4.0Mbps)

OS Support :                       Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista/ Win7/ Win8, 8.1,10, MAC OS 10.x above/ Linux2.60

HDD Slot :                           HDD1 ( Source), HDD2 ( Target) MAX 8T.B X2 drives

Power:                                12V

Plug &Play :                        Support


The price of the product is 4000 NR all inclusive. The product carry’s a 1-year warranty and is available at