Windows95 v2.0, an upgraded version is available to experience retro software

Windows 95 may be a classic memory of a generation, but due to age, some young friends may not have touched it at all. But in the August of last year i.e 2018, the Slack developer Felix Rieseberg packaged Win95 into an application (EXE) and shared it on GitHub.

With the help of this, anyone can find the corresponding installation package to download and experience Windows 95 for free. Take the Win10 64bit.exe installation package as an example, only 279MB available for Windows 10 users.

windows95 v2.0

After receiving good reviews, Rieseberg decided to take this program to Windows95 v2.0 this month, added sound support, and pre-installed some games and programs, only need more than 500MB of the local hard disk to run.

Here is the Link to download Windows 95 v2.0.

Windows 95 Emulation APP Update 2.0: Join “Destroyed Warrior” “German Headquarters 3D”

The developer has added new games include the super classic “Doom Doom” “Wolfenstein 3D (German Headquarters 3D)” “A10 Tank Killer Deadly Tank” “Grand Prix Circuit” and so on.

In addition, on Windows 95, you can also recall the Netscape 2.0 web browser and other killing software.