Wireless audio market is moving towards rapid growth

With the development of wireless technology, people long-term use of 3.5mm headphone jack is out of sight, wireless earplugs will become the mainstream trend. The development of smart, ultra-low-power audio processors will make mobile phone manufacturers take a bold step. This high-performance audio, consumer technology products, supporting consumer ‘all portable & inevitable lifestyle accessories.

Wireless audio market is moving towards rapid growth

The view of the development of the wireless audio market towards rapid growth is further confirmed by a large amount of research data, including the research company Markets, which is expected to reach 54 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Much of the future growth will be related to smartphones and other portable device markets, shifting the maximum growth from the home audio domain to the portable consumer segment.

Wireless headsets, which typically use Bluetooth, have existed for a long time to implement hands-free call processing. However, consumers are becoming smarter and expect more mobile audio experiences. Part of this is driven by some of the wired high-end headphones that offer excellent audio quality and functionality such as noise cancellation and enhanced bass in the market today. Many users will tolerate large headphones and headphone cords in exchange for the audio experience of the works of their favorite artists under the same conditions; therefore if the wireless earplugs need to enter the market they have to really show good performance.

The devices like the ON Semiconductor LC823450 ultra-low-power, high-resolution audio processor use two AAA batteries to provide more than 120 hours of independent audio playback time and other technologies can break through the weight and eliminate many parts of a wired headset.

They can be used in earbuds to provide 32-bit, 192 kHz performance, and in a small size range, use an MP3 encoder , decoder for MP3, WMA, and AAC formats, and a Class D audio amplifier for asynchronous sampling Rate converter and a six-band equalizer. So, as the technologies keep evolving the day is not so far when all the audio products around us are wireless.