Just Corseca ‘Skyraptor’ Music Eyewear review

Just Corseca Skyraptor Series is for those who don’t want to leave their music behind while adorning their dressing style with Sunglasses.

Technology hasn’t left any area where we haven’t seen its impact. We are trying to make everything as intelligent and valuable as possible. This can be noticed with a new trend of Shades with built-in speakers and many other features such as gesture controls, a calling facility, the ability to replace lenses, and more. Already, the market has dozens of such gadgets.

What is Music Sunglass, and why do we need them?

Music sunglasses or shades are a unique type of sunglasses meant to offer wireless headphones and the traditional features of sunglasses to save the eye from harsh sunlight. With BlueTooth-enabled sunglasses, users don’t need to purchase additional wireless headphones to listen to music, take phone calls, or access voice assistants.

There are several reasons why one should consider using Bluetooth sunglasses.

Fewer devices to carry: With Bluetooth sunglasses, a person doesn’t need to bring headphones and sunglasses separately. A single device can do both things, especially for those who travel a lot and want to make things easy.

Hands-free: A person can take calls or listen to music without wearing earbuds or holding the Phone in hand. Which makes sense for active people who need to keep their hands free from other activities.

Improved audio quality: Few Smart sunglasses offers advanced audio technology such as noise-cancellation to enhance the overall audio quality.

Style: Besides technological advantages, Bluetooth sunglasses offer a unique, stylish look with various designs and colors. Hence, a person doesn’t need to compromise on his style.

Eye Protection: Sunglass with Speakers are also armed with lenses to offer protection from blue light and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Furthermore, having a speaker on Temple over the ear helps people to focus on the audio they are listening to.

Comfort: It saves a user from the discomfort he would face by prolonged usage of earbuds or tight bands of headphones.

So, we have already learned about the benefits of Bluetooth Sunglasses with speakers. Now, let’s explore the features of Just Corseca Skyraptor.

Skyraptor Review

Just Corseca is an online brand that deals in Bluetooth Speakers, Powerbanks, Headphones, mobile accessories & computer accessories. Their latest addition is Wireless Sunglasses with speakers named “SkyRaptor.” Well, its name sounds unique, but what about the actual product?

Just Corseca offers two models of Sunglasses – Skyraptor and Skyraptor Pro; we have received the standard edition that is Skyraptor and has been using it for more than a week. And here is our review and usage experience.


Starting with features comparisons between the two models of this eyewear product.

SpecificationsSkyraptor Smart EyewearSkyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
BluetoothV5.0 (Calling and Music)V5.0 (Calling and Music)
Speakers8Ω / 0.6W (left and right Temple)8Ω / 0.6W  (left and right Temple)
MicrophoneSingle (right Temple)Dual (right Temple)
Battery120mAh (Auto power off)110mAh * 2 (with auto power off)
Playback timeUp to 5 HoursUp to 7 Hours
Charging portMicro USB (Right Temple)Magnetic (Right Temple)
Control buttonsV-/ Prev | V+/Next | Power (right temple)A single button on each Temple to change tracks, answer calls, adjust the volume
Lens MaterialSunglassUV400 lenses


The sporty design of the Shades gives you a modern look that is designed to be both functional and fashionable. The entire frame of the Skyraptor is ABS plastic which is quite sturdy and easily can bear the accidental falls.

The Temple of this Bluetooth sunglass is flexible and can easily fit on a human’s average to big size skull. Hinges to attach the temples to shades are well-built and would not come out easily.

Skyraptor is not using bone induction technology; therefore, small speakers are built into the temples of Shades. This allows for a sleek, discreet design that doesn’t add bulk to the sunglasses.

Many Music Sunglasses are already in the market offering touch controls on the frames; however, to make the Skyraptor affordable, Just Corseca offers tactical control buttons to easily control the volume, skip tracks, and take calls without taking out the Phone. The buttons and USB port 2.0 for charging are placed on the right Temple of the Shades. 

Overall, the design and features suit the price of Just Corseca’s Skyraptor Shades. But there are some pros and cons which we have identified. Let’s discuss them.


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  1. ABS Plastic built of the Shades provide a solid but light frame to Skyratpor, ensuring the device’s long life.
  1. The sporty look design of the Skyraptor can blend with formal and informal dresses.
  1. Inbuilt speakers are loud enough to enjoy music, movies, and games.
  1. The pro model of the device is rain and sweatproof, so using the Shades while cycling, running, or dancing will not affect the device’s internal components.
  1. The UV400 lenses of Skyraptor can filter 35 percent of Bluelight and 99 percent of UVA/UVB rays of the SUN.
  1. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures low latency and good connectivity up to 10 meters.
  1. In-built Microphone to receive calls; buttons on the frame can be used to pick up or hang up the calls.


  1. Open Ear design is not a con, but those who want to attend some call or listen to audio discreetly will not be able to do that.
  1. Skyraptor Shades lenses are not replaceable, so if you want to use transparent lenses while working on a computer or playing games, it would not be possible. So, those who wish to have sunglass only can prefer these shades.
  1. Skyraptor’s audio quality will not impress you if you are an Audiophile.


The Just Corseca Skyraptor and Skyraptor Pro series are available at INR 2,499 and INR 3,999, respectively, on Justcorseca.in, Amazon. In, Flipkart.com, including other leading online and offline retail stores across India, is backed with a 12 months warranty.


The fitting of the Skyraptor shades is superb; even while running or dancing, it will not pop-up out. Hence, we can wear it for a long time without any discomfort. Whereas if we talk about the battery life, then in one charge, we got 3.5 hours of battery backup, and to fully charge the Shades, it took 1.35 hours.

The omnidirectional mic did perform well, and the other person will have almost the same voice quality they get from the Phone’s Microphone. However, as there is no noise cancellation, hence, in a noisy environment, the other person on the call has to bear the disturbance.

Overall, a person who needs sporty-looking sunglasses with technological advancements can buy the Just Corseca Skyraptor because, at this price, it offers value-to-money features. However, it is not for you if you are looking for touch controls, high-fidelity music, or bone induction Shades.