YouTube Clips will allow viewers & creators to share short video clips

YouTube continuously adding new features to enhance viewers’ and creators’ experience, this time, lately, has announced “Youtube Clips“. It allows the users to snip out some important or short part of the youtube videos or live streams to share with friends and on social media channels.

However, the function is still in the alpha stage and currently only available for a small group of youtube content creators to test and give feedback to the developer’s team.

It will be really helpful because until now there was no option for viewers of a YouTube video to simply share some specified section of the video with their contacts. Because many times, everything in some video is not essential, for example, a tutorial video in which only the main part where the solution resides is much important than the rest. Therefore, we don’t want others to go through whole instead directly to the part which is useful.

This allows users to select two points from the original video where the excerpt should start and end. The shortened clip can then be given its own title and accessed via a newly generated link.

According to the official Google Support page, a clip must be at least five seconds and a maximum of one minute long. In order to be able to create a section, the developers have placed a new clip button with scissors as an icon under the videos.

Youtube Clips

Well, this feature is not a new one, instead, YouTube is late in implementing it. Various platforms such as Twitch- a live streaming provider, TikTok, and few others already have had a similar feature for some time. However, being late is better than never.

The YouTube clips are currently still in the test phase and only available for Desktop, thus Android and iOS users still have to wait. You can find the example of how this YouTube Clips feature works here in this Youtube video.