Daiwa D32C3GL 32-inch LED TV Review

The budget warrior Daiwa is back with a new Daiwa D32C3GL 32-inch LED TV, which boasts of Toughen Glass protection for its screen. We find out if it lives up to the quality established by its rivals.

We had earlier reviewed Daiwa’s 40-inch LED model and were quite impressed by it, given its price and fully loaded features. Now coming to the new D32C3GL, it is available at a killer price – Rs 12, 999. With a price so low, it’s but natural to have doubts over this 32-inch LED TV. Therefore, to test this LED’s capabilities we watched a lot of Full HD movies, listened to many sound tracks and plugged in a gaming console to see how it fairs.

Daiwa D32C3GL LED TV Design and display

With the price still looming in my mind, we are happy to say that the 32-inch Daiwa TV is slim and smart to look at. It doesn’t come across as a budget TV rather a fairly polished uber class TV. Thanks to the slim bezel which beautifully blends with the screen, there aren’t any ugly panel gaps.

Daiwa D32C3GL LED TV Design and display

Now coming to the screen, the 1366X768 HD resolution display may not sound impressive and some may even go ahead and feel disappointed. But before we write it off, the Daiwa TV comes incorporated with HRDP Technology, which ensured that the picture quality was clear and crisp.

Daiwa D32C3GL 32-inch LED TV Review

As a matter of fact, when we were playing video games, the fast moving scenes had an incredibly low input lag time of just 6.5ms. So, all gamers out there, we give the Daiwa a thumbs up as it manages to enrich the gaming experience.

The new 32-inch comes with A+ Grade Samsung Display Panel with Toughen Glass protection, which basically ensures that the LED’s wide viewing angle of 178/178 ensures that the displace can be clearly viewed from any angle without any blur. Due to this, we didn’t notice any colour fading or a contrast loss.

Apart from this, there is good news for all movie buffs. This Daiwa LED TV comes pre-installed with Cinema Zoom Mode, which retains the authentic aspect ratio in which the film maker had originally wanted it to be as.

Daiwa D32C3GL LED TV Features

Daiwa’s new 32-inch comes with features like Bluetooth connectivity, 2 USB and 3 HDMI ports, along with an on-screen browser. It also comes with a very convenient feature where it allows you to easily transfer data from one USB port to another.

The TV is also paired with 10W+10W speakers and its remote control is a like a universal remote which allows you to control media players and wireless headphones connected to the home entertainment system, apart from the LED TV of course.

This 32-inch Daiwa comes with an inbuilt energy saving function, which limits power consumption. Powered by smart sensors, the LED consumes less than 50 watts with Standby consumption less than 0.5 watts. The Daiwa comes with 1-year warranty, along with 2 years extended warranty for a limited time.


To test this TV we used various Full high definition movies content including music tracks. The resolution of this TV is HD so you can’t compare the picture with FHD TVs but still, the sharpness it delivers was good along details. When we provide it FHD the overall picture quality increases along the good black level and an appreciable amount of depth.

The color reproduction was good and has natural skin tone and doesn’t seem faded when viewing it from off angles. The sound produced by Daiwa D32C3GL LED TV was good and is best suited for dialogues, vocals, less complicated tracks and struggles with bass heavy music.

The Daiwa D32C3GL 32-inch LED TV is available at all leading online stores such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, Shopclues and PayTM. For just Rs 12,999, this 32-inch Daiwa LED TV is a steal and is a good buy if you’re looking for a budget TV or a second TV.


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Daiwa D32C3GL LED TV gives a good quality of picture and sound quality at the budget price it comes. Also, the additional thing which makes it worth to consider is its toughened Glass protection makes it more durable and universal remote and loads of connectivity options.

Pros: Affordable, Toughened glass, picture, and sound

Cons: Speakers struggles with bass and loud music

Price: INR 12,999/ $203