Syska Wi-Fi Enabled 7W Smart LED Bulb review

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Mesmerizing experience! Yes, the performance of the Syska smart LED is of topmost level, at this price, after buying it you will not regret anything at all. Two years warranty, a wide range of colour combination,  Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, Scheduling and more at ₹ 799, what else we need at such low price. Thus, overall Syska LED bulb is a perfect epitome or glimpse of our future Smart homes.

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IoT is a backbone of developing Smart cities where almost everything that uses technology would become enough smart to automate itself. This will not only ease human life but also allows a single device to perform multiple operations, let’s take the example of Smart LED lights.

What does the Smart LED light mean? 

Smart light bulbs are a new form of the light bulb, a product-driven by the convergence of the smart home industry. In the 21st century, LED lighting bulbs are now a part of mainstream lighting products which shows the human are now more conscious for saving. Apart from this, the Smart LED bulbs that are an amalgamation of standard LED bulbs with Smart technology presents the artistic, humane, healthy development trend of lighting along with remote control and lighting effects.

Smart light bulbs are led by the LED cold light source and semiconductor lighting. Compared with fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, the energy efficiency of smart bulbs can reach more than 90%. The power consumption of the smart light bulb is only one-tenth of that of an ordinary incandescent light bulb without compromising brightness.

Now, I hope you now you can envisage what Smart LED bulbs can do for us. Thus, coming to the main context of this article which is a review of the Syska Smart LED bulb. We got Syska Wi-Fi Enabled 7W Smart Bulb for review, we have been using it for more than one and a half months. Thus, we finally realized that it is time to tell you about the performance and features of this state-of-the-art device.

Syska is an Indian company, which is three decades old company and has paramount knowledge of making home appliances and electric products. It offers worldwide LED lighting solutions and aggressively targeting India where the LED Lighting market is set to reach 75%.

Syska Smart LED Bulb Review

Syska Smart LED comes in a well-packed box, white in color with an embossed beautiful image of bulb along with specifications and other details. Inside the box, you will get one set of Syska LED bulbs and a manual to know how to operate it.  The device comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and available at ₹ 799 on Amazon and Flipkart.

Syska Smart LED buld review

 Specifications of Syska Wi-Fi LED 7W:

  • Wifi-enabled
  • Scheduling of the smart bulb, at what it should on or off automatically.
  • Wattage: 7 watts
  • Works with any Wi-Fi router. Support only 2.4 GHz only
  • Colour: White
  • Power Requirement: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Power Source: AC Adapter
  • Dimensions: Width 6.7 cm x Height 14.1 cm x Depth 9 cm
  • 3 million color options
  • Supported Devices: Android and iOS smartphones
  • Supported OS: Android 4.3 and above, iOS 6 and above
  • Lifespan up to 25,000 hours and Lumens: 480 Lm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Model Number: SSK-SMW-7W

Syska LED WiFi 7W Desing

The design of the Syska LED is not very much different than any other LED light bulbs available in the market and that’s why it can easily replace any other bulb right now you have in your home. However, there is something noticeable in the design of the Syska LED bulb i.e it has a slim design. The top of the bulb is in a circular disk shape that is tapered to run down to meet the holder edges.

Syska LED WiFi 7W Desing

If you see the Syska LED vertically then you will see that it mimics the shape of a triangle. Needless to say, which is not like regular bulbs those are generally in an oval shape at the top. Thus, the rounded edges and triangular shape made it a more stylish setup. The upper part of the bulb looks like glass, however, it is not. That part is made up of plastic which could bear some mishaps while handling the bulb.

The lower part of the bulb feels slightly heavier than the normal LED light bulbs. It is because that holds all the electronic set up along with the Wi-Fi module and it is really commendable, the way the engineers have concealed all of this in a small space.

The bottom of the bulb which is the B22 base module is also the same as the regular which again makes this special bulb usable in ordinary B22 bulb holders (socket).

Overall, the design is really wonderful with a small footprint.

Syska Smart LED bul SSK-SMW-7W review Syska Smart LED bul SSK-SMW-7W reviews Syska Smart LED bul SSK-SMW-7W

How to install and use Syska smart LED bulb using its app?

Step 1: Take out the bulb from its box and insert it in any B22 holder socket that holds your previous ordinary bulb.

Step 2: Download the Syska Smart Home app for your smartphone. Here are the links for Android and iOS. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi router where you want to install Syska LED light.

Step 3: After downloading the Syska app, open it and register an account with Syska.

register an account with Syskaa

Step 4: Then tap on the + icon given on the top right side of the app and then select Lighting Devices.

Syska smart LED bulb review

Step 5: Now go to the switch dedicated to turning On or off your newly installed Syska LED bulb.

Step 6: Turn off and on the Syska LED three-time and you will see the bulb start blinking automatically.

Step 7: When the Syska LED bulb starts blinking tap on the Confirm light blinks rapidly button.

Confirm light blinks rapidly

Few screenshots of the Syska app color control section and the bulb itself with different colors.

Using the color circle slider we can change and set the desired color according to mode on the Syska LED bulb remotely and locally.

Even turning On and off of the bulb is possible using the app.

syska smart home app LED light control

Some pre-defined scene modes can set the ambiance as per the occasion. The party or heartbeat mode in the app allows the twinkling of LED bulbs in different colors.

Preset colour mode Syska LED smart

Colour Syska smart LED bulb review 6 Colour Syska smart LED bulb review 17 Syska smart LED bulb using its app Colour Syska smart LED bulb review 1 Colour Syska smart LED bulb review 3 Colour Syska smart LED bulb review 5

Syska Wi-Fi Enabled 7W Smart LED Bulb Performance

Well, the performance of this Syska’s smart LED bulb life-wise, there is nothing to be measured because we all know that all LED bulbs have a long life, moreover, Syska offers 2 years warranty on their LEDs so that not a point to be worried for. Thus, come to the performance of this LED bulb based on smartness and connectivity.

The app of the Syska i.e Syska Smart Home is indeed a well-designed app and this single app supports all the smart devices of Syska. Even if you have multiple Syska Smart bulbs installed, all can be controlled using a single app remotely or locally. I said remotely, yes, without going near to the bulb physically, we can turn it on or off along with preformation of other operations using the Internet form any part of the World. Factually, after connecting the Syska LED bulb with the app, all the information of its stores in a cloud of Syska and if the smart bulb is connected to the local router with the internet connection enabled, we can control it from anywhere.

The latency rate of actions triggered on the app for the Syska LED bulb is of few milliseconds, however, we can’t blame totally to app or bulb because it also depends upon the router connectivity.

The color options are also rather great with around 3 million color combinations claimed by the company but in real life, our eyes could hardly notice such extensive color combinations on the bulb except major ones.  However, it is possible to get a wide range of colors using the color wheel given on the Syska Smart Home app. Apart from that intensity of brightness and coolness can be controlled using the Syska application. All these options worked extremely well without any complaints.  Furthermore, you can escalate your experience by adding Smart LED to Amazon Alex or Google Assitant device which will offer a true experience of Smart home. After adding just ask your Artificial assistant and it will operate the Sysak LED bulb for you. Instructions for adding Assistant or Alexa are given within the Syska Smart Home app.

In addition to the above, scheduling of Smart LED is also feasible. We just need to set the time as we do for the alarm clock to make it auto turn on or off. For example, you want the LED light in the evening should on automatically at 7 pm and off in the morning then that all can be done using the app.

scheduling of Smart LED syska


Mesmerizing experience! Yes, the performance of the Syska smart LED is of the topmost level, at this price, after buying it you will not regret anything at all. Two years warranty, a wide range of color combinations,  Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, Scheduling, and more at ₹ 799, what else we need at such a low price. Thus, overall Syska LED bulb is a perfect epitome or glimpse of our future Smart homes.