14 Essential gadgets or stuff for work from home office setup

Home or personal office setup is not a rare thing nowadays. Due to the Covid-19 and lockdown all over the world, people are forced to stay in their homes. As a result, the majority of the people started working from home. And now many people are creating their home office setup to work from home as it may become the modern way of work for a long time to come. Any person who is thinking of working from home permanently or wants to have a workstation in the home must build a suitable one for them.

It may sound comfortable and fun but working from your home is not at all an easy thing to do daily. Many people can relate to this as they are now working over a year from home and experiencing the struggle of it. You need a peaceful small area or room and some essential things to make it affirmative to work properly. Productivity, efficiency, and comfort are the main issues we face while working from home. You need the proper setup to work efficiently and do not face any health issues while doing your regular work.

Essential gadgets or stuff for work from home office setup

So, here are the essential gadgets or stuff you need for home office setup                                                                                           

A good PC and Laptop

The first thing you need to work from home is a PC or Laptop. Now, this is not a thing that I need to remind anyone. But, what I am saying is that a compatible PC that suits the type of work you do on it is the key factor you should look for. If your work demands high performing system then you should invest in a PC that can support your daily tasks. In case your system does not support your work properly then you might face difficulty completing your tasks. In the end, too much pressure can damage your PC or Laptop and this can be very costly for you in terms of time and money.

So, build or buy a system that is suitable to take your workload and would not break down when you put pressure on it. And apart from your primary PC, you can consider having a secondary system in form of a laptop or another PC. If you have a second one in your home office then it can support you when you have to manage multiple works or your primary one is facing some faults to run properly. A PC and a Laptop is a good combination to have because you can carry your laptop to any place and work from there if you have to.


Proper Desk

A proper office desk is the most recommendable thing you should buy if you are planning to work from home for a long time. Working from a couch or dinner table or any other place will not be a suitable one and it can hamper your productivity and cause distraction. You can sure work from this type of temporary base but that cannot be a long-term solution to work efficiently. So invest in a desk that can offer you comfort and appropriate height which is essential for your home working station. It is not necessary to invest hugely in a high-tech office table. A simple and pocket-friendly table that is adjustable in any corner of your room will do the work.

Before selecting your working desk, just look for the things that you must need on your desk to work without any obstacles. That is all that you need from the start.


Comfortable Chair

After the selection of the table, the next thing you should look for in a comfortable chair that you will be using for long hours when you work. Using any chair for your work will not provide you with the comfort you should have while working. It will also cause some health issues like back pain, shoulder pain, etc if you are not using a proper office chair to provide you the comfort for working.

The most comfortable chair for any desk work will be a proper gaming chair. But they are not surely cheap. So, you can opt for a good revolving chair with handles and cushioning that can offer you a proper body posture while sitting on it for comfort and good health. You can also adjust the height of this type of chair according to your choice. It will increase your productivity and you might not feel any pain in your body for sitting long hours to work.


Laptop Stand

People who are using a laptop as a primary system for daily works or loves to use their laptops more often should have a laptop stand for their laptops. The best thing about using a laptop is you do not have to stay at your desk all the time for any kind of system-related work. Especially, when you are working from your den, sometimes it is a pleasant thing if you can work from any other place of your home. It can provide you the mobility that is a good thing to have.

To move to other places in your home and have the same kind of comfort and productivity a laptop stand can be a useful thing to invest in. You can place your laptop on the stand to get stability and comfort. And you can carry and place it anywhere you want like your couch or bed in your home. You can also use the stand for other purposes like writing or reading any book. Many stands come with a mug holder so you can have your coffee while working and place it comfortably.


Internet & Wi-Fi Router

After setting up your office desk that will help you to uplift your productivity with comfort, you need a good internet connection to connect with your colleagues and use online tools. Without an internet connection, most people would be unable to work from their office desk. In the modern world, the internet is one of the most important services that we need for so many professional and personal works. Go for a good internet connection that will serve you good speed to avoid any slow internet issues. And if your internet connection is a limited plan one then go for an unlimited plan if you think you need one.

You also need a high-frequency router for your home office to connect your laptop, smartphone, and other devices from anywhere in your house. If your router does not provide you with a good frequency then you might face difficulty connecting and operating your other devices when needed. Buy a high-frequency router for a good internet frequency from any place in your house.

If possible, invest in a backup internet connection. In case your primary connection fails to provide you with proper speed or lost connection then the backup one can help you to maintain your work without any inconvenience. Your phone internet can also provide you short term solution in that case if you have a good phone network connection.


Secondary Monitor

A secondary monitor can provide you assistance when you face some technical problem in your primary monitor. If you face any problem in the middle of your work that hampers the visibility of your monitor then you can use the second one without stopping your work. On the other hand, you can use the monitor by connecting it with your laptop which is very good as a whole. It will put relatively less pressure on your laptop if you use the monitor instead of the laptop screen.


Good Keyboard & Mouse

It is highly recommended that you should use a comfortable keyboard and mouse for the betterment of your work. On a normal working day, we sit long hours in front of our PC or laptop and use the keyboard and mouse to operate the system. If you do not have a user-friendly set of mouse and laptop then it can annoy you while you are working and can suffer from wrist pain.

To avoid such difficulties, you can buy a mechanical keyboard or a gaming mouse which can provide you with the needful features to work efficiently. While working on your laptop, external mouse and keyboards can do wonders as they are more user-friendly compared to the laptop keyboard and trackpad. For long-term uses, it is the best solution that you can offer yourself. Also, a wireless secondary keyboard and mouse will be very handy and useful to connect and use in any of your systems. A good mouse pad is also essential for using the mouse swiftly.


Cables and Chargers

Managing your chargers and cables is another thing that you should look at seriously as they can get messy or you could misplace them at times. We use our laptop charger to charge the laptop or charge our phone with a phone charger. We also have other portable devices that need charging after some time. You can buy a charger that can be used for charging multiple devices or gadgets to avoid handling too many chargers. Place it into your working desk and do the charging when you need it.

Similarly use cables that can be connected with multiple devices. Use them carefully and place them where you need them the most. In this way, your wires will stay systematically without tampering with any of them. Take care of your cables and charging adapters for longevity and avoid misplacing. Otherwise, you would not be able to find the one you are looking for at the moment.


External Storage Device

A home office desktop or laptop can be used for both professional and personal purposes. So people can store many data or big files in their systems. If you feel that your system storage is not sufficient enough then you can buy an external or portable storage device to store your important data in it. You can also store a backup of your important data in the portable storage device and carry the device to any place if you want the data for any reason.

You can also use this device to transfer data from one system to another system. This type of external storage device will assist you to manage or store your data and for an extra backup of your valuable files that you would not like to lose for any reason. You can find many external storage devices online or in the local market. So, go for the storage space that you feel enough for you.



For a home office environment, you usually need a peaceful environment where you can concentrate on your work without any distractions. So, you might feel that a speaker is not an essential thing to have in your home office. But you can use a speaker or Bluetooth speaker for conference calls so you do not have to listen directly with your phone. They are very good at such works.

Also, if you are going through a hectic work schedule or need some relaxation for a short period then you can play music on them to have some fun. When you are not working or on your off days you can play any movie or TV series for a fun ride. You are working and can relax in your home so it will help you to do both which is a good thing.


Webcam & Microphone

If your work demands frequent video conference calls or you would like to use your desktop for video calling your loved ones then you can invest in a good quality webcam. In case you use a laptop more often, still, the quality of your laptop webcam might not a standard one and it is always a better thing to use a dedicated webcam if you video call frequently with your colleagues or clients.

Similarly, you can buy a dedicated microphone if you think you need one for many purposes. Practically, you can use your headphone in case of such situations. But, if you want to record your voice or run any sort of podcast then you should buy a quality microphone for those types of works. And also you can use it for video calling as such a microphone can convey your voice very nicely to the receiver.


Noise Proof Headphone

For more sound clarity and to exclude any unnecessary noises we can seek good headphones or earphones while on a call. These kinds of headphones can help you to concentrate on your work by cutting you out of your surroundings to avoid any distractions. You can also buy a good pair of earbuds if you like them. Look for headphones that are comfortable while you put them on in your ears. A quality headphone is all you want to have fun in your voice chats. And you can also use it for your entertainment by hearing music or use them when you watch any video for better noise-free sound.


Proper Lights

Lights are one of the major players to give your home office an affirmative or positive environment. Lights can make an impact on your mood and can provide you extra focus to your work which will help to increase your productivity with efficiency. So, set up suitable lighting for your home office according to the need and your work type. Use smart LED lights which you can control very easily.


Microfiber Cloth for cleaning

When you set up your comfortable home office to work from home than to keep it fresh you have to clean your office regularly. For cleaning such valuable gadgets and other stuff your microfiber cloth or a soft cloth for cleaning. Such clothes will not put any scratch on your devices and a soft wipe will do the work perfectly. You can also use dedicated solutions that can be used for cleaning dedicated devices. It will keep your things clean and scratch-free.


Other stuff you might need

Apart from all the above-mentioned stuff, you can also buy some other devices or things if you think you need them for your work. For example, you can have a printer or scanner if you require or you can purchase a monitor stand for your monitor. You can organize your desk with pads and a pen stand, a small box for pen drives, etc according to your taste and wish.

The decoration is also important for a feel-good factor which will motivate you to work harder and provide positive vibes towards your work. So, make your working corner a beautiful one and upgrade it when you need or feel for it.


Ending it

Build your dream home office setup with all the necessary and useful gadgets and other things. Make it a place where you can give your best effort for highly productive working hours without any inconvenience. Take care of your devices and maintain good health for yourself as well with all the assistance. Give us your thoughts and mention any gadget that we may have missed in the list.


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