VOLTME Revo 140 GaN Charger Review: Efficient & High-Speed Charging

In a constantly evolving market of electronic device chargers, new technologies are continually pushing the boundaries of traditional wall chargers. The VOLTME Revo 140 GaN charger is one such product that utilizes Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to promise greater efficiency and power for charging various devices at ultra-high speeds. In this review, we’ll provide a balanced perspective on its performance and features.

Upon first use, it’s hard to miss the substantial weight of the VOLTME Revo 140, which is about 220 grams—much heavier than your typical wall charger. This added weight can be attributed to its impressive performance capabilities. The charger’s design showcases high-quality plastic with an embossed checkerboard finish on both sides, providing a pleasing tactile experience.

VOLTME Revo 140 GaN front side UK connector
VOLTME Revo charger design

The front is accented with a thin light edge, adding a stylish touch with a UK-style plug, while the back consists of three USB ports (two USB-C and one USB-A) and a star-shaped indicator equipped with LED. Also, where the whole charger uses black housing, USB ports incorporate an orange tint for an aesthetically appealing contrast.

VOLTME Revo 140 GaN LED indicator

The VOLTME Revo 140 GaN charger is capable of offering a maximum power of 140W thanks to the technology GaN, a semiconductor material that offers several advantages over traditional materials such as silicon. GaN’s advantages include higher conductivity and voltage resistance, making it ideal for high-power applications, such as charging smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The charger comes equipped with three different USB ports. The first USB-C port uses polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) technology, enabling a maximum power of 140W. This technology allows for high-intensity pulses of current, facilitating rapid battery charging. While doing highly fast charging, the charger takes short breaks to allow the battery to cool down and reduces the risk of overheating.

VOLTME Revo 140 GaN USB ports

The second USB-C port utilizes the more classic Power Delivery 3.0 technology, offering a maximum charging power of 100W, suitable for charging laptops, MacBooks, and Ultrabooks. The third and final USB-A port supports Fast Charge 3.0 technology, delivering a power output of 22.5W, ideal for smartphones and accessories such as smartwatches and headphones.

VOLTME Revo 140 GaN charger USB ports power output

Considering the maximum power output of 140W, some compromises may be necessary when multiple devices are connected simultaneously and for that, it uses a V-Dynamic power distribution system to dynamically redistributes power when a new device is plugged in, with short breaks in between. For instance, with two USB-C ports connected, each device will receive 65W of power. When all ports are occupied, the power distribution will be 65W for the first USB-C port, 45W for the second, and 22.5W for the USB-A port. If USB-C and USB-A ports are connected, 100W will be for the first device and 22.5W for the second.

Further, it offers protection from Short-circuit, Over-voltage, Overheating, Over-current and Over Temperature.

Also, the cable comes along with a VOLTME charger, is of high-quality around 1 meter in length covered with a soft flexible plastic jacket not tend to break or get cracked easily.

VOLTME Revo USB cable jack

In our rigorous tests, the VOLTME Revo 140 demonstrated exceptional performance, charging an iPhone 14 Pro up to 50% in just 30 minutes and the latest-generation MacBook Air to nearly full capacity in less than 2 hours, each device tested individually. It efficiently charged laptops (up to 80W) while charging an Android smartphone simultaneously through the USB-A port.

While reviewing the VOLTME Revo 140 GaN charger, we cannot ignore its higher price point of $99 as compared to other 140W chargers available on platforms like Amazon.

In conclusion, high performance comes with high cost, VOLTME Revo 140 GaN charger no less: the list price is actually $99.  Well, you can get the 140W chargers at less price easily on Amazon but for those who are looking for performance – VOLTME should be in your bag. However, the market is wide and full of other options if it is not under your budget, otherwise, a fantastic charger that allows you to charge your devices at high speed without worrying about their state and also removes your hassle of carrying multiple chargers according to your devices.


  • Fast Speed Charging
  • 140W Output
  • Support multiple devices and can charge three gadgets at a time.
  • Dynamic Power management
  • Solid design
  • Protection from overheating and current


  • Nothing much just a tad high in price