Zoook Smart Clicker Review- The Universal Remote

Do you want to convert your old devices into slightly a smart one? Then try out Zoook Clicker for controlling all the devices that come with Infrared remote controllers such as TV, Set-top box, Air conditioner, and more.

What is Zoook Clicker?

It is a small universal remote control device with just a weight of 26 grams. This can turn the smartphone into a remote controller thus, the user won’t need to find a remote every time to turn off/on home devices along with performing other activities. Zoook comes with an Infrared sensor that has a functional range of 8 meters whereas to connect with a smartphone, it uses Wi-fi or hotspot. Furthermore, the Zoook Smart app available for both Android and iOS smartphones, that will use to integrate the device’s functions in a smartphone which further can be controlled using Virtual Assitance such as Amazon Echo Dot and Google Assistant. Therefore, the voice control is also there.

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  • Infrared Frequency: 38KHz
  • Input: DC 5V/1A
  • Material: ABS
  • LED Indicator: Blue
  • Infrared Range : < 8 meters
  • WiFi Protocol: 2.4 GHz
  • Working Temperature : 0 °C – 50 °C
  • Working Humidity : < 85%RH
  • Size : 50*50*19mm
  • Weight: 26g
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Android 4.4 or newer and iOS 8.0 or newer.


  • Aleax/Google Assitant Voice Control
  • Set-Top Box, Air conditioner, TV, and more controlling ability.
  • Learn and store buttons from your existing remotes
  • Control from Anywhere over Wifi/3G/4G
  • IFTTT and Share Devices.

How to connect and use Zoook Clicker?

Setting up the device is not a cumbersome job. Anyone with a slight knowledge of apps and handling of a smartphone can easily establish a connection with Zoook Clicker in order to control various devices through the phone.

  1. Download the Zoook Smart App from your respective applications store- Google Play Store or iOS App store. The Clicker is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0, and beyond.
  2. Open it and tap on the Others category given in the left side panel on the Zoook Smart App.
  3. Next, select the Universal Remote Control device available in the adjacent area on the app.
  4. Plug the Zoook Clicker Device to Power source using the USB cable present inside the box. Once it connected, will show a blue color LED indicator on the front side, just below the Wireless Signal representation or icon.
  5. Now, on the backside, you will see a small pushable button. So, what are you waiting for? Push and hold that for 3 seconds.
  6. The moment, the blue LED indicator of the Zoook Clicker started blinking, go to the Zoook smart app available on your smartphone and tap on the “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” button.
  7. Select Wi-Fi network
  8. Wait for a few seconds and it will get connected, successfully.

How to connect and use Zoook Clicker


  • After performing all the above-given steps the device would be successfully integrated or connected with your smartphone installed Zoook smart app. And the same can be confirmed by its icon available under the All devices section.
  • Tap on the “Smart IR” device.
  • You will get different device categories such as s Set Top Box, TV Box, AC, Fan, and more.
  • Select the one which you want to operate using the Clicker. Here we are selecting Set-top-box. Thus, we tap on that.
  • It will provide you the list of all popular models, select the one you have.
    Add smart Remote control device for Zoook Clicker
  • Now, you will see the virtual remote controller on your smartphone screen. Press any three-button to check whether it working and compatible with your device or not.STB in Clicker


It has more than 80,000 home devices list, thus omitting the chances that your device wouldn’t be on the list of Clicker. Furthermore, even if you don’t find your device model in the list of Zoook clicker then open any of the available ones then tap and hold any button of the virtual remote, now point your actual physical remote towards the clicker to register custom remote functions with the help of learning mode.


There is no doubt, Smart Clicker is an innovative product that can easily integrate all existing physical remotes on your smartphone to control them from anywhere. We used the clicker for a week to find out its pros and cons. First, I will start with the things which I like the most.

Most of the time, when we come from outside and enter to Room where TV, AC, or any other device uses IR remote present, what we generally do?

We start finding out the remote, which some times could be annoying. Therefore, the smartphone which is always with us could be a nice option via Zook clicker to easily control all the available wireless devices present in the room.

• Apart from that, a Smart clicker facilitates us to connect with it using the Wi-Fi or hotspot, thus only the distance restriction is between the Clicker and the device we want to operate that is 8 meters but not in terms of controlling them. Yes, with the help of the internet, we can control it from anywhere, distance doesn’t matter.

• Huge list of devices and the ability to learn new ones are some other pros of Zoook Clicker.

• Now, come to things which didn’t go well. The first is the lag, as we are operating the Clicker via a Wi-Fi router or hotspot, the lag will be there. We didn’t test it in some close isolated network, so can’t comment on that, also, this is not applicable in the real world. Either you are in the office or home, your network will have at least two more devices. Therefore, the time between you pressing some button on the  Zoook Smart App remote to trigger an action that will process by the Clicker and then deliver to the respective device which we want to control, the delay will be there, and sometime it could be annoying.

• Second thing, indeed we can control devices such as TV even when we are not physically present in the home. However, what is the point of that, when you don’t know whether your triggered action has been processed successfully or not? For example, I want to turn ON AC when I am coming back home from my office or somewhere else. So, I use the Zoook clicker and turn the AC ON, of course remotely but how would I know that Clicker has successfully completed my request or command.

• Apart from this, we also faced a problem while using Alexa to control the Smart IR. Even going through all steps, adding Zoook skills, it couldn’t control my TV set-top-box at all.

Therefore, there are few things which the company really needs to work out to make it more practical and usable. However, in terms of innovation and controlling things locally using a smartphone, the Zoook Clicker somewhat nailed it at all.

Although the MRP of the Zoook Clicker is ₹ 12,99, however online you can easily get it around ₹ 999.


  • Small in Size
  • 8 Meters Ranger for IR devices
  • Huge List of Devices
  • Custom or programmable remote options
  • Use a smartphone to control all devices
  • Budget Price
  • Alexa and Google Assitant integration


  • Lag in proccing the commands.
  • Alexa and Google Assitant didn’t go well with it.