10 Best Ways to Wish and Celebrate Birthday Online  

Birthday wishes are not just merely good wishes for happiness, success, good health, and luck but it is an expression and way to show and shower our love to the birthday boy/girl and make the person feel special. In earlier days the best way to wish and celebrate was to give a surprise party or give a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates or hand over or send via mail a beautiful birthday card. But gone are those days when we can just bank on just these three-four ways to make someone feel special on their birthday.

It is also because of the distance, sometimes we cannot plan a birthday celebration as we wish too. Advancement in technology and communication makes it possible to celebrate birthdays online in the best possible way. Today, wishing online in social media has become very popular all over the world and has replaced traditional methods of wishing birthdays. Let’s find out the best way to wish, plan and organize a virtual birthday party so that one can make their loved one feel special on their special day.

Best Ways to Wish and Celebrate Birthday Online

Various Ways of Virtual Birthday Celebration

1. Send An E-card:

Sending an e-card is the easiest and simplest way of sending wishes to your loved ones, especially when one stays far away. Earlier people used to give birthday cards physically or send them via mail by posting in mailboxes. But with the advent of technology and various social media like Facebook and Instagram, we can easily send wishes and e-cards. There are various companies who offer services for sending an e-card, so one can also avail of this facility.


2. Make A Happy Birthday Video Montage:

This implies an interactive birthday card. Family and friends all over the world or just the close ones can be asked to record a video of their birthday wishes and maybe a happy birthday song or poem and then it can be assembled together and sent. It’s for sure that this gift will be a keepsake for years to come.


3. Organize A Virtual Surprise Birthday Party:

One can organize a surprise birthday party by setting up a meeting on the zoom platform or connect via skype or face time. Zoom meetings are the best for such purposes since they can accommodate many participants at one go and the face of every participant can be seen in a simple grid view. When organizing the party, all the close friends of the birthday person can be invited and they should be present well dressed and can hold balloons and flash birthday related props and posters to welcome the birthday person. The guest of honor should be asked to join a little later and once he logs in, he can be welcomed by everyone with a birthday song and then wishes and so on. A theme can also be set for the party so that everyone dresses up accordingly and it brings an element to the birthday party.


4. Host A Movie Night:

If the birthday person is a movie lover, then a virtual movie watch party can be arranged with a few close friends of similar interest. One can download the Netflix party extension which is available in Chrome and then the same movie can be watched by all at the same time. A chat room facility will also be available for chatting and sharing thoughts about the movie, thus watching and chatting simultaneously and hence more fun.


5. Make A Photo Collage:

One can collect all the memorable photographs of the birthday person with his dear friends or close family members and join them to make a photo collage and post it in his timeline. Making a collage is a wonderful idea and it reflects how much does a person loves and cares since one takes out time to collect these photographs and make a collage.


6. Schedule A Virtual Group Dance Workout Session:

A peppy and active online birthday party can be organized by grooving together or organizing a dance or Zumba class virtually with similar-minded friends in the comfort of their own home. Many dance workout studios and trainers are available who offer free live-streaming classes. Such workout sessions will incorporate the fun element in the birthday.


7. Organize A Virtual Tour:

If the birthday person is adventurous, inquisitive, and enjoys exploring and learning new things then a virtual tour of zoos, museums, or theme parks can be organized. So getting to explore new things virtually along with friends in their respective homes can be a totally different experience. A group chat can also be set up while navigating the exhibits.


8. Send An Online Game:

There are many people who are very much fond of online games. So a favorite online game can be downloaded or bought and mailed to the birthday person on their special day. Some people are crazy about gaming and this would be the best way to make them happy, enjoy and engage in what they love the most.


9. To Take Them On A Virtual Shopping Spree Or Send Gift Vouchers:

There are certain sites that can be used to surf the net along with someone in any part of the world. So gift shops or fun shops can be surfed together and let the birthday person pick a gift of his or her own choice. If one doesn’t pick up anything then shopping gift vouchers of their favorite store or website can be gifted and mailed to them. So later they can buy gifts of their own choice.


10. Raise Fund And Make A Birthday Donation:

Celebrating someone’s birthday by donating is one of the most thoughtful and humblest ideas. Instead of buying gifts, funds can be collected from friends and family who wish to do so and this fund can be gifted to someone needy on his special day, either in cash or kind. This type of donation will surely give immense happiness to the birthday person for sure.