12 Ways to Make Your AirPods Sound Louder

There is a reason why people fell in love with Apple AirPods. It is a true premium product in the field of earbuds and people are crazy about it because it offers that charm to a user. It may feel like it is a perfect product and does not come with any issues or limitations. Well, there might be always some issues or limitations in the greatest products in the market of any segment.

Yes, you can trust Airpods without any doubt but some of you might face low-volume issues with it. In other words, it feels like there is not enough sound and it is limited with sound output. Apple Airpods also offer safety features for ears and they automatically lower the output of sound. In both cases, it could lack the proper sound you should while using it.

So, here are the ways to make AirPods sound louder:

Ways to Make Your AirPods Sound Louder

1. Use the Right Ear Tips on AirPods

When you start using your AirPods to listen to your tracks or playlist, make sure you are using the ear tips that fit perfectly. This is a very convenient way to get the right sound even in low volume. Apple Ear fit tip test is available for AirPods Pro which can help you to find the proper ear tips that are the most accurate for you. It does not make your EarPods louder but it sounds like it. And you will get a better sound quality.

2. Turn off the Volume Limit and Sound Check on iPhone

You can turn off the Volume Limit and Sound Check on your iPhone to get louder sound through your AirPods. When you play any track on Apple Music, this feature adjusts the music’s loudness level automatically. As a result, you may feel like hearing the track relatively slower in volume.


  • Hop on to Settings from your iPhone.
  • Select music from there.
  • Toggle the Sound Check to turn it off after locating it.

3. Calibrate the sound between Airpods and iPhone

Proper syncing of your AirPods and iPhone is essential to get louder sound on your AirPods. If they are not synced enough then you might not get the expected volume even if your iPhone is at full volume. This is because they might have different minimum and maximum scales of volume. Calibrate the volume to fix that problem and get a better pairing between both of your devices.


  • Connect your AirPod and iPhone and wear the former.
  • Use the Volume Slider in the Control Center to turn the volume zero of your AirPods.
  • Keep wearing them but disconnect the AirPods and turn them off
  • Play a track through the iPhone speaker and turn the volume level to zero.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on and reconnect
  • Adjust the volume as you wish.

4. Turn off Low Power Mode

Chances are there that on your iPhone the Low Power Mode is turned on to save some battery of iPhone. Some non-critical systems can be affected by it and can deliver a lower level volume which might be lesser than expected. On your iPhone, you can turn off the Low Power Mode to experience a better output of volume.


  • Go to your Settings
  • Move to the Battery section.
  • Here you can find the Low Power Mode to toggle it off.

5. Disable Headphone Safety on iPhone

Disabling the headphone safety on your iPhone can offer a better sound volume on your EarPods. This feature is designed to adjust the level of sound to keep them under the safety radar that is not harmful to listen to. It is there for the protection of your ears. If you want to avoid this feature and fix the low volume issue to get a louder sound then you can turn this off.


  • On your iPhone, hop on to Settings
  • Tap the Sound & Haptics
  • Select Headphone Safety from there.
  • Here you get the Reduce Loud Sound feature to toggle off.

6. Turn off Equalizer

There is a built-in equalizer for the Apple Music app that comes with an iPhone. The feature helps to filter sound that sounds quieter in the AirPods. This can be another reason that you are hearing low-volume sounds when you use them. You can proceed to turn off the equalizer so it will stop filtering sound and offer a relatively high-frequency sound.


  • Select Settings from your iPhone.
  • Go to Music and then EQ.
  • Tap off to disable the EQ.

7. Turn On/Off AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation Mode

This feature is available only on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. To get a better sound volume you can “On or Off” it by toggling the options. Along with this toggling the Transparency mode could be helpful to produce louder sound through your AirPods. You can try and evaluate the difference to adjust the louder sound volume.

8. Make sure the balanced volume for both earbuds

You will not get a better sound experience and loud enough sound in both earbuds if the volume of both of them is imbalanced. The right and left AirPods should be set with the same volume or you can balance the volume according to your choice to get a balanced sound. It will sound very awkward if one ear sounds way louder and the other one sets at a very low volume.


  • Tap the Settings app.
  • Select Accessibility over there.
  • Then click Audio/Visual.
  • Move the Balance slider in the middle to get a balanced sound from both earbuds.

9. Fully charge the AirPods

A low-charged AirPods might not provide the proper sound it should deliver to the user. They can misbehave or act abnormally if you try to use them in that situation. So, you cannot be able to enjoy your favorite music. It is better to charge them fully to expect better performance and louder sound to relish your music listening period.

10. Update AirPods Firmware

We update our Smartphones with the latest OS update and any other app that provides a new update. Those latest update versions offer some fixings and support the users with new features. Similarly, the firmware of your AirPods can be updated with the latest version to provide a better experience and fix some bugs.

If your AirPods are not consistent with updated firmware then you should update them to get better results. And it might help to deliver the better sound output that you are looking for.

11. Clean the AirPods

After using your AirPods for quite some time and having those in your ears regularly, the grills of earbuds accumulate earwax and dirt. As the sound passes through it, the dirt and earwax can create a blockage to pass the sound inconveniently. So, you can experience a decreased sound volume when you listen to something on them.

To clear such sound barrier you need to clean your AirPods after a certain period. Be careful when you clean the device and do it gently. Use some cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the dirt from the grill.

12. Reset AirPods

At the end of the day, your AirPods are a technical device. Like any other technical device, it can malfunction or develop any unusual behavior that can create some problems in using it precisely. To manage such issues it is included with a factory reset button. If nothing goes your way to enable louder sound through this device you can take the option of factory reset to deal with it. It could be the solution to your problem and you might get your desired volume scale.


These are the methods and tweaks that could be helpful to make your AirPods sound louder. If nothing works after performing all the ways then you should consult with the Apple Store person to know the reason. And even if they are unable to resolve it then can consider buying a new pair of AirPods replacing the current one.