10 Best Ways to Fix YouTube-Server Error 400 on Android

YouTube is arguably the biggest video streaming platform in the world of the internet. The immense amount of content over there is consumed by most of the people every single day. People can watch videos of various genres over there from many YouTube channels and content creators. Even you can share your video on your own YouTube channel free of cost.

Generally, YouTube runs very well and users do not experience any issues most of the time. But, sometimes we all experience some sort of YouTube error while we open the app or try to open a video. Users face server error 400 when they go on to the YouTube app. And they face inconvenience in watching their likable videos on the platform.

To fix that issue there are some ways that you can try to resolve the problem and enjoy your video-watching time on YouTube:

1. Restart the YouTube App

When you face server error 400 or any other error then you can try to resolve the issue by restarting the YouTube app. From the background, just close the YouTube application. Then restart the app after waiting for a few minutes. Any minor errors or glitches can be fixed when you restart the application. This is very simple and easy to perform for any user in the world.

2. Check your internet connection

Most of the time we think about critical reasons for a problem at first, rather than looking for a simple one. You should check the internet connection of your device if you face any server issues or connectivity issues on YouTube. A slow connection network or low-frequency network can be an issue in such cases. No longer connected to the internet is also a matter to check.

In an issue like this, reconnect the network connection and use a strong connection for better performance. So, always verify your internet connection of the device first and then seek other solutions if this is not the reason for this issue.

3. Clear YouTube Data & Cache

If your internet connection is stable and the server error issue is not going away by restarting the app then you can clear the YouTube data and cache to deal with that problem. Just note that this process might wipe out the YouTube video that you have downloaded in the app. The process is very simple to apply.


  • Just press and hold the YouTube app.
  • Open the App info with a single tap.
  • Then go to Storage usage.
  • From there you can Clear data and Clear cache.

4. Update Date & Time

Date and time can be a major factor in a situation like this. Many platforms sync with a device and server to update the content of it based on date & time. So, if you are having a server error 400 issues then you should check the date & time of your device. In case it is incorrect then update the date & time on your smartphone depending on your time zone.


  • Go to Settings.
  • From the System settings open Date & Time.
  • Enable Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.
  • You can also set them manually from there.

5. Force Stop the YouTube App

Force-stopping the YouTube app can be a helpful way to resolve the issue of server error. Solving some minor issues like content not loading or app not responding could be rectified by this process. Bugs and glitches also can be fixed by force-stopping the application. You can consider this an easy way to fix your YouTube app-related issues.


  • Go to settings.
  • Select Apps from there.
  • In the App List, select YouTube.
  • Tap the Force Stop button.

6. Turn Off YouTube Restricted Mode

If the restricted mode of your YouTube app on your device is turned ON then it might hide some matured content in the app. Whenever you try to access such contents through any link it might show you server error 400 or any similar error alert. You need to turn it off to enable such videos for you to watch.


  • Go to your YouTube app.
  • From the top right corner select your profile icon.
  • Hop on to Settings.
  • Tap General from there.
  • Scroll down to find Restricted Mode and toggle it to disable.

7. Access Data Usage

Native controls to restrict data usage for specific apps in a few Android skins like MIUI might be a reason for server errors. You can experience this issue if the restricted data is on for YouTube. To manage this problem you can disable restricted data to avoid any inconvenience to watch YouTube videos.


  • Press and hold the YouTube app icon on MIUI.
  • Tap App info.
  • Select Restrict Data usage after scrolling down.
  • Next to Mobile data, remove the tick from the box and press OK.

8. Update YouTube App

You should update YouTube on your device with the latest released update. The new update can fix some bugs and glitches and also can provide new features or options to make it compatible with modern tech. An old or outdated version of the YouTube app could be the reason for server issues and other problems. So, make sure to update the YouTube app with the latest version if you are still using the outdated version.


  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for YouTube through the search bar.
  • Tap Update if there is an update available.

9. Disable VPN

VPN is used for hiding the actual IP address for privacy reasons. So, it changes the actual one with a different IP address which could cause an issue for YouTube server error. If you are facing such an issue then you can disable the VPN from your device to know whether this is the reason for server error 400. It might solve the problem if many of the methods are unable to solve it.

10. Restart the Smartphone

We know that restarting our smartphone can cure many technical issues that we face while using it. It can fix some glitches and network problems with some other solutions. The same process can solve the problem of server error 400 on the YouTube app. So, if you are unable to solve this issue after trying some adjustments you can simply reboot your device and expect it to solve the problem of accessing YouTube without any obstacles.

Some other Methods

  • You can uninstall the YouTube app updates to fix this error. You can do it by following the clear YouTube data & cache steps. You will find the option there to uninstall app updates as well.
  • You can also try to fix this with a reset network setting. It will delete your present or past saved internet and other network settings and you may find a working YouTube.
  • If the problem only occurs with your Wi-Fi network then resetting the router or changing the DNS settings can solve the issue.
  • Updating your device OS with the latest version can fix many problems in your phone and you can get other new features as well. It can also fix server error 400 on YouTube along with other benefits.


With the above-mentioned ways, you can fix your YouTube server error 400 and other related issues on YouTube. The list is filled with so many methods and we hope one of them will work out for you.