8 Best Budget-friendly Laptops in 2019

With the rapid advancement in the field of technology, there are gadgets almost everywhere around us to make our life easier. I know that a smartphone is most probably the best friend of the majority of people nowadays, but that doesn’t mean other gadgets do not influence our lives.

There are many devices that help us in a number of ways and we also depend on them whether directly or indirectly, the laptop is one such gadget and it is also one of the most popular gadgets among the younger generation, we can say that it is perhaps a must-have for everyone. It is useful for everything, whether education, or work, or leisure, or entertainment, and so on.

The craze of Laptop is so much that everyone wishes to have it, but most of the people just couldn’t buy it because of its high price and confusion to choose the right one. So, this article contains all the information you want, I have included the best laptops available at the lowest possible price. Now, let me quickly explain in detail.

Best Budget Laptops for College Students and offices

We are not mentioning the prices of these budget-friendly laptops here because it varies on different websites and stores. However, most of them are below ₹ 30,000.

1) HP G7 Core i3

This is one of the most budget-friendly laptops available out there and more importantly, it also delivers decent performance, it comes with a 15.6-inches HD display and a battery backup of up to twelve hours, the DDR4 4 GB RAM is just capable enough to handle your small tasks without any hassle. It comes with an internal storage of 1 TB ensures you hardly run out of space. The dual-core 2.3 GHz processor along with intel integrated HD 620 Graphics card is also a welcome feature. The built-in dual speakers are good for YouTube but don’t expect a lot from them.

It has a webcam, an attractive island theme backlit keyboard. When it comes to connectivity, you have the options of Wireless LAN, BlueTooth, and ethernet. Overall, it is a nice package from HP, the only distinguishing feature being its low price, other than that it has nothing much to offer.


I would recommend this one only if you wish to own a laptop for small work and entertainment purposes and at the same time you are on a very tight budget.

2) Lenovo Ideapad 330s core i3

This gadget looks decent as it weighs only 1.6 kgs and at the same time is also comparatively thin than its counterparts. The intel core i3 processor, along with DDR4 4 GB RAM, and Intel integrated graphics card manages to give you good performance, you can play most the mid-range games without any lag and also multitask seamlessly.

The full HD 14-inches display gives your u an amazing experience when viewed from any angle. Not only this, it also has the Dolby Atmos, which coupled with full HD display ensures that you have an awesome feeling every time you wish to see your favourite movie or YouTube video or web series and so on, this powerhouse makes sure that the party never stops, and if you happen to be entertainment or movie lover, then this gadget is perfect for you and you can buy it right now. The inbuilt storage of 1 TB stores all your photos, videos, and files and makes sure you do not run out of space.


This laptop comes loaded with MS Office so that along with entertainment you can also carry on with your work, you can make important business presentations, spreadsheets, excel sheets, and so on, and an ample amount of storage ensures all your files remain safe. It also comes with innovative cooling technology, thanks to its dual cooling fans, which keep on cooling your gadget while you are using it.

3) Dell 14 3000 Core i3

This is another budget-friendly gadget which comes with a 14-inches HD display. It comes pre-installed genuine Windows 10, it provides a battery backup of up to six hours. The DDR4 4 GB RAM makes multitasking smooth and hassle-free, moreover, the 2.3 GHz dual-core seventh-generation processor, coupled with Intel integrated HD 620 Graphics card ensures decent performance, mid-range games can be played without any issues. It has one 2.0 USB port and two 3.1 USB ports, one HDMI port, and 3 in 1 multi-slot card reader.

The built-in dual speakers and built-in microphone are also important features of this gadget. The HD LED-backlit anti-glare display adds to its looks. When it comes to connectivity, you have the options of Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.


It also has a 720p HD webcam. So, it is a nice budget laptop from dell, and you can buy it if you are on a tight budget and need a laptop for casual work and entertainment.

4) Asus core i3

This gadget comes with 15.6-inches full HD display, and it also comes preinstalled with genuine Windows 10. The 2.3 GHz dual-core processor, coupled with integrated HD 620 graphics card and DDR4 4 GB RAM ensures that this gadget gives s a fast and efficient performance.

The dual-storage design is also one of the most prominent features as it enables quick data performance and also provides ample amount of storage capacity. One can install apps on this laptop’s SSD for faster performance and use the HDD for larger files like videos, audios, photos, and so on. The display of this laptop is another prominent feature, the full HD display comes with an anti-glare feature which adds feathers to your viewing experience, no doubt that it is also a stylish laptop.

The amplifiers, large speakers, and resonance chambers ensure that you get the best audio output, this laptop has one of the best audio technology in its price segment and this is really a happy news for all the entertainment lovers out there, you can remain hooked to your favourite movie, or web series, or YouTube, and believe me you will love the amazing experience it offers.


The stunning display coupled awesome quality of audio output ensures that your party never ends, and all these at this price point is definitely a thumbs up. If you happen to be an entertainment geek, then you can have this one without having to think twice.

5) HP 15 Ryzen 3

Another laptop from HP in this article, it comes with 15.6-inches full HD LED display. Windows 10 is preinstalled, and it also comes loaded with MS Office 2016. The 2.5 GHz dual processor, coupled with AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics card and DDR4 4 GB RAM ensures good performance.

Just like Asus core i3, this gadget also comes with dual storage. You can store all your important and large files like videos, photos, documents, and so on in the massive 1 TB HDD, and on the other hand, use the SSD storage to install apps for unmatched faster performance. This is an important feature of this gadget considering its price point. The seven hours of battery backup is also fine, plus this gadget is also light and thin. The full HD display ensures that you can observe every little detail of the videos you are watching in it.

When it comes to performance, AMD Ryzen Processor coupled with the Radeon Vega 3 graphics handles all the midrange games without any issues, you might experience lag and problems while playing high-end games but almost all the mid-range games can be played smoothly, moreover multitasking is also as smooth as butter.


The strong dual speakers deliver impressive sound and make sure that you never face sound quality issues. The rapid charging feature charges this powerhouse from zero to fifty per cent in about 45 minutes (when the system is switched off). This ensures you can quickly get back into your work. With all these features, this laptop is definitely worth buying.

6) Acer aspire 5s

Acer enters this list with this beauty, the thin aluminium design gives this gadget a premium feel, moreover, it comes with a 15.6-inches full HD display and amazing viewing angles just make it better. The Acer’s true harmony innovative speaker design gives you mesmerizing audio experience, the amazing display along with a stunning audio output ensures that you remain hooked to YouTube, or your favourite movie or any of your favourite video, and so on.

This can bring to life a small theatre-like experience which you can enjoy with your family or friends, all these means that it is happy news for all the entertainment lovers out there and if you are just one of them then you can definitely buy this beauty. The 2.10 GHz turbo boost 8th generation i3 processor ensures decent performance. The DDR4 4 GB RAM (which can be expanded up to 32 GB) makes multitasking smooth.


The inbuilt 1 TB HDD ensures you never run out of space for your important files, videos, photos, and so on. The seven hours battery backup is also fine and moreover, this gadget comes preloaded with Windows 10. It has two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, one HDMI port, and a 4 in 1 card reader. Overall, this is a nice product from Acer and is definitely worth buying.

7) Dell Vostro 3581

The second laptop from Dell in this article, it also has its own set of features to attract potential buyers, let me explain to you. It comes with a 15.6-inches HD display. This powerhouse from Dell has seventh generation 2.3 GHz i3 processor, coupled with Intel HD 620 graphics card, together they ensure that this laptop provides cool performance, moreover DDR4 8 GB RAM makes multitasking fun.

You can play almost every mid-range games in this powerhouse without any lag, you will notice lags and other issues only if you try to play high-intensity games, so if you love gaming then definitely you will not be disappointed as there are many superb mid-range games available out there which will definitely bring out the gamer inside you.


This laptop comes preloaded with MS Office 2016 so that you can also carry out with your work, no matter whether you are a student or a professional. The 1 TB HDD also ensures that all your important stuff remains safe and you do not need to worry to delete older files. So, overall this is a nice budget laptop from Dell and you can buy it if you are on a budget and need a laptop for your casual work, as well as entertainment and gaming purposes.

8) HP 15 15-DA0388TU

The third laptop from HP in this article, let us discuss it in detail. It comes with a 15.6-inches display, the 2.3 GHz seventh generation i3 processor, coupled with Intel ultra HD graphics card ensure hassle-free performance and meets up to your expectations, considering its price point.

The DDR4 8 GB RAM keeps the multitasking smooth and fun and at the same time you can enjoy playing games without any lag or other issues, it is only when you try to play high graphics games you will experience problems. It comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system so that you can manage work with play, it also comes preloaded with Microsoft Office 2019. The 1 TB HDD ensures that all your stuff remains safe and you do not need to worry for storage space.


You can store all your media files like photos, videos, and important documents related to work like excel sheets, and so on. We can say that this is a nice piece of gadget having a decent processor, and a good amount of storage to meet your daily needs, in my opinion, if you are on a budget and need a laptop for work or study and casual entertainment and gaming purposes, then you can consider this one.

Thus, these are the eight budget-friendly laptops out there which you can definitely look after if you wish to own a laptop but are on a tight budget. I am very much sure that after going through this article you will definitely find the right laptop for you, as I have included all the popular categories like – gaming, education, entertainment, work, and so on. The laptops available in this article are definitely the jack of all trades but master of none, so I hope you will find this article useful in your quest to choose the right budget-friendly laptop for you.