Five Technologies helping us to control novel COVID-19

The mysterious Wuhan virus from China has done its job of infecting and making its presence felt all across the globe. But it is just the beginning as this deadly virus is only spreading like a forest fire and trying to infect and eliminate every human or even some animals as soon as they come in its way. It somehow reminds us of movies like Resident-evil or high-intensity Android or PC game. However, in reality, it is very sad and fearful as it can even lead to mass killing or in the worst case complete elimination of humanity from our good old blue planet. But, we will never let that happen for sure because humans have been blessed with one of the most majestic gifts from God. And that is the brain, yes with our little small brain we can control almost each and everything around us; though if we use it in the best way.

So, today in this article, I am discussing how different technologies are using by authorities to control or even stop to some extent the spreading of COVID-19.  

So, let us now try to understand how our evergreen and ever-expanding precious technology can help us in our war against this uninvited guest from Wuhan. I know the current situation of the world might force you to think that you are the part of a sci-fi Hollywood movie or maybe you might feel that you are lost in the Dead Trigger 3 or any such similar case. But, the reality is that we are in a real-life situation and we must work together making the best use of our brains and technology and then only humanity will be able to emerge victoriously and get back to its happy and peaceful life. Therefore, below are the best ways possible in which we can join hands with technology and fight this evil force that has mauled Earth to wipe out the entire humans or maybe entire living organisms.

Satellite Monitoring 

This is one of the best methods to control this deadly disease and it serves many functions for you, and now let me discuss this with you in brief. A proper satellite monitoring system can capture all the images of your city and then highlight all the areas having a maximum number of COVID positive patients. And then highlight this to you so that we can get a clear idea regarding the distance between our area from that nasty hotspots and it will certainly push you more and more to not get out from your houses despite there is a serious need for the same.

Satellite Monitoring 
Satellite Monitoring

This records and analysis also further help the government to take all the necessary steps as soon as possible. Moreover, with the data provided, it helps governments to keep a sharp eye over the infected hotspots and take necessary steps in case of any emergency like condition, such as observing all those who try to break the law and come out of their houses and even if someone has got some real emergency and needs help. So, overall it is indeed very helpful and can help a lot.


Still, we don’t have Robots like some sci-fi movie, yet enough capable to provide a lot of help in this very situation. With the help of robots, the government can get a very mighty helping hand. They have been utilising to a lot more extent by all the countries. In hospitals where doctors are not equal to the ratio of COVID-19 patients, robots are acting as a helping hand to all the doctors who have been selflessly serving. 

Robot helping Covid-19 patients
A robot helping medical teams to treat COVID-19 patient.  Image Source- Circolo hospital, in Varese, Italy April 1, 2020. REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo

They can further be used in the process of sanitizing in all the public places, identifying the body temperature of people, let people maintain the social distance in companies, while lockdown cleaning homes, hospitals and other key areas; in hand sanitizers distributions; online home delivery of essential goods; maintaining automation in the industries and companies; helps to reduce loads of workers in warehouses and more.

One of the best uses of these robots can be in the hotspots, where they can be used to transport all the essentials to all the houses, and certainly, no one will have the fear of getting infected by the virus. And they can also be used as an agent of the police and inform them about all the happenings of the hotspots and nearby areas so that the police and government can take the required action as and when required with the help of these boons of technology.


Well, we still developing the Drones to become more aware of the surrounding using Artificial intelligence but long leap yet has to be taken. However, this another boon of technology is helping us a lot to reduce the spread of this deadly humanity wiping not so noble, novel COVID 19. In simple words, they can act as a helping hand to all the robots out there.

As they will simply increase the process of the work and act as catalysts to the ongoing process. They can spray the sanitizer and disinfectants wherever required and also deliver all the essentials to all those who happen to be stranded in the hotspots. Drones will certainly speed up this delivery process by a huge margin as they travel at high speeds through the air.

Drone helping in Monitoring
Drone helping in Monitoring

Drones can also travel door to door and inform all the people about the dangers involved if they dare to step out from their houses by playing the essential video message from the government and also ensure that everything would be fine if the people cooperate with the government and stay indoors.

Moreover, the careful inspection being carried out by these powerful drones will also keep the police and concerned authority informed about all the activities of the hotspots. This all will ensure that everything goes in the best possible way so that no new cases of Coronavirus show up from those places.

Health-Related Apps

This is another great example of one of the best possible ways of utilising technology in our fight against this merciless insane disease. It can help both the general public as well as the concerned government in several ways.

Many apps such as Aarogaya Setu from Indian IT department and many other like this have already been made by the government and even by some of the private giants like Reliance Jio, which has included a dedicated category of this disease in its official app.

Register Aarogya Setu app

Well, with the help of this kind of apps, first of all, people can check all the important stuff related to this disease and also take a quick survey regarding the symptoms of this disease to make sure if they even possess moderate to a high level of symptoms. Then they can quickly rush to the local checkpoints for COVID-19, which are also listed in this apps. Furthermore, it is also possible to check the statistics of this disease in India as well as in the world.

It is very crucial as it contains all the details related to the number of people diagnosed with this disease. The number of people recovered and the number of people who have sorrowfully passed away due to this. Well, not only this but these wonderful apps also contain ample amounts of other crucial information which all of us must be aware of to join hands in fighting this deadly pandemic. 

Social Media

Social Media is a very powerful tool and all of us are no strangers when it comes to this fact. While sitting locked within the four walls of our room, we can get almost every detail of everything that is going on around the world.

Through social media, all the recent news and short videos regarding all the important stuff of this pandemic.

Note: Social media platforms including Youtube & TikTok are also full of tweaked & fake news, so beware and be cautious before blindly believing on any of them, check the source, facts and figure, double-check it with reputed media agencies before taking any action.

Many short video messages circulated by the health ministry or government of India are very relevant in all the platforms of social media and believe me all of those messages contain very important information for all of us, and they should never be missed by us.

Apart from these, many inspirational and motivational messages and videos are all set to boost you from time to time. You can make the best use of your idle time by trying out many different activities like- cooking, exercise, self-thinking, and so on after going through all those beautiful messages. And last but not least, you always remain connected with all your loved and dear ones using this iconic and strong tool of technology, no matter wherever you may be across this globe.

Thus, these are the five boons of technology which if implemented in a correct and right way can help us to fight this pandemic, and even control the speed with which it is spreading among masses. I know that until a proper vaccine is developed there is no other way to stop it, but if we join hands with technology and fight together then at least we can save millions (or maybe billions) of people from getting infected and ultimately from dying from this very Coronavirus, which is no doubt a kind of Karma for all the adverse activities that we humans have done for years. Therefore, this was all for this article.

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