How Gesture Recognition Technology Shaping our future?

Our Earth is a very beautiful place to live and since the very beginning of life on earth, humans have always tried to discover something new or modify the pre-existing things. If we compare our earth now with what it was about a decade ago, we will notice a drastic change and no doubt that this is made possible only with the help of rapid advancement in the field of science and technology, and this process still continues at a more rapid rate. Technology has made it possible for us to achieve all that what seemed impossible a decade ago. Gesture recognition technology is also a part of ever-growing and ever-expanding technology. So, now without any further delay let me explain this in detail.

What is Gesture Recognition technology?

In simple words, gesture recognition technology means that we can control or interact with devices using simple gestures without even touching them. These gestures commonly originate from our face and hands but they can even be the motion of our body or a particular state of our body. Well ever wondered how it works or what happens between the period we perform our gesture and the device performs its action? The answer is simple, a motion sensor receives and understands the gestures made by us, which act as the main source of data input, and quickly performs the required action.

Well, as of now we have understood what gesture recognition technology means? Now let us have a look into its applications and how it will shape our future?

Interaction with computers

Leap Motion controller, a gesture-based computer interactive system for PC and MAC was introduced by a firm named Leap Motion. A USB device and a controller allows users to interact with computers using gestures, it tracks fingers with three infrared LEDs and the device observes a roughly hemispherical area of about one metre.

It provides precise motion control, it is also easy to set up and fun to navigate. Most importantly it provides fantastic gaming experience and is compatible with Windows and Mac.


Though it is hard to master, does not provide standard gestures and range of detection is limited, yet it was indeed a unique discovery made possible by the gesture recognition technology.

Automotive control systems

Probably the most common example in this category is the foot-activated liftgate available on 2014 Ford Escape.

Ford has also joined hands with Google to work on a system that enables drivers to control different things a vehicle using gesture controls such as air conditioning in the car, the opening of windows, and using of windshield wipers. Just as fire spreads rapidly in a jungle, in the same way, more and more automobile manufacturers are including gesture recognition technology in their cars. Navigation, infotainment, etc are the areas targeted by it.


Many big players of this industry like BMW, Honda, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, etc have already tied up with Google for the same.

Mobile payments

Well, even this department has the presence of gesture recognition technology. Seemove, a kind of gesture recognition technology developed by London based company “Seeper”. It has done something really trailblazing. According to Seeper, their technology can allow people to manage personal media such as photos, files, and also make online payments using gestures.


This technology is developed for over three years and is designed to track and recognise any object. This is made possible by a learning system which is trained to recognise hand poses, objects and gestures.


This is perhaps the most important category compared to others. The number and types of sensors and electronic devices coming to healthcare are just increasing day by day. All these devices provide opportunities for hundreds of software companies to build their best software that will really help healthcare.

You might be thinking about how gesture recognition technology can help in healthcare?

Well, the answer is that this technology has a very big impact on healthcare, still, don’t believe me? No problem, let me explain it to you. With this technology, we can detect sudden falls, medication adherence, immobility, sleeping sickness, missed meals, low liquid consumption, smoking, and even neurological malfunctioning.

about how gesture recognition technology can help in healthcare

All these are serious health-related issues and gesture recognition technology has already created such a positive impact in this field and is also improving and developing further. So, we can say that this technology can help us to detect and prevent some serious health-related issues which might otherwise result in even death.

Sign language interpreter

This technology is used in this category to bridge the gap between the deaf and none deaf who may not know sign language and there are several examples of using this technology as a sign language interpreter. It also allows conversion of sign language into text, which is simply a monumental development for users who have hearing or speech problems.


Remote controlling

A number of accidents are caused every day by drivers trying to adjust their phone’s media features while driving. This is a very serious problem, but again our gesture recognition technology has a solution for the same, don’t believe me? Well, let me explain to you. Including gesture recognition technology into smartphones will allow drivers to control certain smartphone functions with simple gestures, eliminating the need for taking one’s eyes off the road.


The number of gamers is just increasing day by day and all the big manufacturers of this industry are trying their best to meet the growing demands of gamers. Gesture recognition technology is one of the must-haves for gamers and the manufacturers know this, so, a lot of games nowadays come with this technology. This technology allows gamers to interact with games using hands and body movements, making for a much more breathtaking, jaw-dropping, trailblazing experience.


Thus, these are the impacts that gesture recognition technology is having on our lives and these are indeed very important. Along with these ample amounts of benefits, some other factors contributing to the ever-increasing popularity of this technology are its user-friendliness, better ergonomics, and safety that it provides. With all these, gesture recognition technology is indeed shaping our future and both our future and this technology will only get better day by day.