How technology has influenced the working in a modern workplace

The workplace is that place, where we are paid to show our productivity and do the work that is assigned to us. Depending upon our skills and the existing infrastructure it is also possible for the employees to show more productivity which will eventually increase the profit margins of the company and make the overall workflow of the company an effective one. Just like most other fields in our life, technology also has a massive impact on how the companies accomplish their work and give a scope to the employees to complete the targets within the specified amount of time. In the last few years, technology has influenced the work culture of most companies and it has turned out to be very useful for us. 

At this point in time, when we are fighting against one of the worst pandemics of the century, i.e. COVID-19, we have again realized, how effective technology is when it comes to revamping the workflow in any company or workplace. Today I will talk about a few of the most important aspects, how Technology has influenced the workplace, and how it will keep evolving the workplace in the coming days, even after the COVID-19 situation gets resolved. In this situation, we can understand the true potential of technology in the workplace and this will motivate most companies to improve the technical infrastructure to make the workflow smoother in the workplace.

Impact of technology in the workplace

Technology influence on modern workplace
Technology influence on the modern workplace

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how technology has influenced positively on the workplace all over the world.

Easier work from home

At this COVID-19 pandemic situation, most companies have asked their employees to work from home. Even though working from home is not possible for all the sectors within the economy, there is a handful of sectors, where work from home is a great solution for a company to keep serving even in tough times of the country. Working from home is possible with high-speed internet connections and Cloud Computing, which is one of the most discussed aspects in today’s world of technology. When the companies are understanding the importance of working from home, we can expect that most companies will adopt this model and this can lead to companies cut down on their expenses by asking most employees to work from home without any need of setting up multiple officers for the work to go on. 

Even if I keep the COVID-19 situation out of the picture, if some employees are asked to work from home on certain days of a week, this can be useful for companies to cut down on transport allowances of the employees, and employees can also give their best as they will not have to travel to their workplace, which can be hectic, and they can also so be mentally stable as they can spend the most time with their family. So, working from home can help companies decrease operational costs and increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees at the same time.

Changing the communication with clients and employees

Communication with the employees and the consumers is very important from a company’s perspective and technology is having a massive impact on how it is taking place. It is no longer necessary for the consumers to reach the office or physically at some location in order to find out what they are looking for. With the help of technology, consumers can talk with the company directly and explain the requirement so that the company can start working on the same. Apart from communication over the phone, it is also possible to explain the details through the internet, where the company can also have an audiovisual idea of what the consumer is exactly looking for. 

In the same way, communication with the employees is also possible nowadays through email, video conferencing and other effective ways. If some update needs to be conveyed to the employees, it can easily be done through email and as emails can be accessed on any device nowadays the employees can start working as per the advice quickly, which eventually increases the productivity of the employees and effectiveness of the company. Other informal ways of communication, like the use of WhatsApp and similar other applications, has also made it easier to communicate even faster than emails, which is very handy and is easier to use while on the go.

Increased efficiency

Computers have made our life easier and the same is applicable in the workforce. But, nowadays a lot of work can also be carried out even on our smartphones or other portable devices, which has given us the power to work at any place without worrying at all, as long as we have an internet connection. Additionally, technology has also made it easier to distribute the work among multiple employees, and outsource most of the work, which eventually adds more productivity to the final output of an organization. There are also a number of useful software packages available for different companies, dealing with different sectors of the economy. 

A few of the most useful programs, most companies use, include simulation software to find out, what the outcome is going to be for a specific input, customer relationship management or CRM software, which has made it easier to communicate with the customers and update them with everything new that is going on, easier fund transfer using a number of modes and many more. The use of all this kind of software increases the overall efficiency of different types of workplaces. Increased efficiency is also backed by easier collaboration, use of centralized computer systems which I will discuss later on in this story.

Use of SAAS for cost management

Setting up an office has a number of challenges and one of them is cost management. When it comes to building a modern workplace, it requires multiple computers, so that each employee can use one of them. But depending upon the type of work that will be done in a company or in an office, it might require powerful computers to accomplish the tasks. Setting up multiple powerful computers can wreak havoc on the budget of a company and that’s when software as a service or SAAS can come in handy. You can know more about SAAS in this link. 

By implementing software as a service, it will not be necessary for you or any organization to set up multiple powerful computers, as all the processing overhead will be handled by an offsite server, and the users need to give the input and get the output on the computer that is kept in front of them. As the processing will be handled by an offsite server, the computers in the office need not be very powerful and this will definitely reduce the costs associated with setting up an office. Furthermore, the use of software as a service also has some additional advantages. Maintenance costs can be saved and the company will not have to worry about data breaches and data security, as everything will be a part of the contract between the company in question and the company that is offering the software as a service.

Collaboration advantages

Even before technology started taking over most aspects of our life, collaboration was something that was quite common. But today, the concept of collaboration is quite improved and it is possible for multiple organizations or different employees in an organization to work on a single project to save time. There are several programs available for several purposes where multiple users can collaborate on a task, and most collaborative platforms are powered by the cloud which is again a complex implementation of technology. With the help of collaboration in the workforce in an organization, the task can be divided into multiple teams, where each team can work on a single project. 

The company can easily boost profits as they can work on multiple projects at the same time, and that too you with the same level of precision as multiple brains are involved in the project of one single team. Collaborative platforms have also made it easier to work from any place and from any device which is again something that adds more value to the productivity and effectiveness of an organization. Through collaboration, the team leader can also communicate with the teammates, and he can also make the necessary modifications within the project without disrupting the work that is being carried out by the other group members. So, collaboration has undoubtedly improved the work culture in multiple organizations across several categories.

Better security with data encryption and more privacy

Data and information security is an important requirement for all the companies as each of them deals with sensitive company data and customer data which shouldn’t be leaked under any circumstances. Previously, companies use to adopt numerous measures to implement data and information security, but today it is possible using strong encryption algorithms which are more powerful in ensuring data security which can be hard to break at the same time. Today, most information is kept on the cloud and it is is the cloud service provider that looks after the security of the data and thus, the company will not have to invest extra on securing the data that is available to the company. 

Even if data is stored on the company service locally, there is a number of encryption platforms that can safeguard the data so that data isn’t leaked from time to time. Additionally, a company can also keep an eye on the movement of the employees to ensure they are not leaking data to any third party. The advanced use of blockchain can also be used to find out the culprit in the case an unfortunate data breach incident occurs. Most companies can use GPS technology and other advanced technologies to ensure that the employees are always adhering to the company guidelines, which is an elementary step to ensure your privacy of data and information that is available to the company and the employees.

More effective promotion and advertising

Even though this is a part of digital marketing, it is also an important aspect, which has made most organizations make huge profits. Marketing and promotion are also an important aspect of a workplace or in a company, as it is that part which decides what type of product the market is looking for, planning all the advertisements and the campaigns for the product. With the help of technology nowadays, it is easier for companies to find out the most appropriate customers, who might be interested in the product or service that the company is offering. Instead of reaching out all the customers or potential buyers, most companies use some special technologies and digital marketing tools to find out, who can be the potential buyer or user of the product or service that is being offered by the company. 

This eventually reduces a lot of effort and extra investment, which was otherwise necessary to make the advertisement reachable to those users, who are not at all interested in the product or service. Additionally, as online advertising and promotion is a better tool nowadays compared to that of traditional media, that is yet another reason how technology has influenced the complete scenario of promotion and advertisement and the overall work culture of different companies at this point in time.

More organized workflow

Technology is taking the key role in keeping the business organized so that all the employees at different levels can emphasize only on the work that has been assigned to him. In modern days, project management software can be useful to have a look at the different levels of the accomplishment of a particular project which can thereby be broken down into multiple parts and each team can work on every single aspect to keep things completely organized. As an employer, who is dealing with a particular level will not have to look into to the task assigned to a different team or individual, it can ensure delivery of the product or service well before the deadline and the productivity of the employees will also be maintained as they are concentrating on the work that has been assigned to them. 

Project management software, which is backed by technology can also be used to boost the quality of work without compromising the quantity. Understanding the risks associated with a project can also be useful to keep a backup strategy that eventually ensures, things will not be messed up if any unprecedented situation comes into the picture. If the complete workflow is organized, it can also help the customers reach out to a particular team for service or other requirements and that particular team can redirect the customer to the desired team, who can look after the problem that is being faced by the customer. Most corporates today use technology to keep things organized that eventually ensures unparalleled productivity and effectiveness in all the situations.

There is no doubt, technology has a massive impact on how workplaces function in the 21st century. Everything eventually turns out to be useful for the employees, and the customers who are getting service from those companies. In the coming days, AI and machine learning will also help to transform workplaces beyond what we can imagine with our existing technological infrastructure.

So, that was all about, how technology has transformed how workplaces function. Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to comment on the same below.