Secureye launches no-contact Temperature Detection & Face Recognition machine for corporates

The new Biometric tools launched by Secureye come with abnormal temperature alarm for corporates to fight against COVID-19.

To promote the routine of proper checking on people working or visiting in a corporation, recently, Secureye, that deals in security and surveillance products, has launched  Temperature Detection & Face Recognition machine in India.

As per the company, with escalated cases of a global pandemic due to OCIVD-19 around the world, it is necessary to have contactless attendance of employees. Not only the attendance but also there should be a solution that informs the authorities in case anyone has high body temperature, thus for this purpose it has created thermal (fever) detection.

The key features of launched enterprise solution – Temperature Detection & Face Recognition machine are:

  • Temperature Detection
  • Abnormal Temperature Automatic Alarm
  • Wearing Mask Identification
  • Abnormal Temperature Warning
  • Binocular Live Detection

The lowest temperate the machine can detect is 0.1 degrees Celcius, any fluctuation in the normal body temperature, if detected by the machine, it will start flashing a warning sign and also blows an alarm to alert the concerned authorities, apprised in the press release.

Temperature Detection Face Recognition
Temperature Detection Face Recognition
SecureyeTemperature Detection & Face Recognition machine specifications
SecureyeTemperature Detection & Face Recognition machine specifications

As the fear of COVID-19 is expected to haunt us for months, this feature will help offices stay alert since abnormal body temperature is a significant indication of the virus.

Furhermore, in terms of hardware configuration

  • The device supports 200W Pixel HD colour camera
  • 100W infrared cameras to detect body temperature from up to 0.5 meters
  • Integrated 12.7 cm display screen with touch screen and 854 x 480 resolution.
  • For communication &n data transfer it comes with TCP/IP, WiFi and USB Pen Drive support.
  • In-built rechargeable lithium battery with a USB port.
  • Uses open source LINUX OS
  • Has the storage capacity 3000 user IDs, 20,000 face IDs, 1,000,000 user records.
  • Dynamic facial recognition with less than 2 seconds to complete verification.
  • It also supports Door sensors function, U disk Port, Wiegand 26/34 input port and Wiegand WG26/34 Output.
  • The product is priced at Rs.100000 + taxes