Right approach towards skilling & reskilling

With the lack of skilled manpower in the field of technology, Freshers face a number of obstacles, not to mention the fact that technology and advancements keep advancing in concepts and nature, it is also essential that experienced personnel and freshers reskill to keep pace. The same as we do in a product-based company that encourages innovation and progress, as well as consistently seeking ways to innovate. The technology industry evolves constantly, it always moves from current to next, and that is what we call “evolution”. Amidst rapid technological advances and intense competition in various industries, employers are stressing the importance of hiring qualified professionals, whether they are fresh graduates or experienced professionals, who possess the latest technical expertise based on the latest technology.

Right approach towards skilling reskilling

New positions are being created in areas such as data scientists, machine learning experts, predictive analytics experts, algorithm specialists, cloud computing, cyber security, data analytics, software development, computing, and artificial intelligence. As opposed to experienced workers who upgrade their skills and reskill themselves, young graduates find it hard to find jobs without the right guidance to learn new skills, thereby limiting job opportunities.

Embracing new technologies is another trend gaining traction at the moment, and the adoption is most definitely due to the growing need and needs to solve next-level and intricate problems. It is because of these reasons freshers often face barriers to obtaining the jobs they want instead of Support like Job Profiles. We term expected jobs the “Core Profile Jobs” that many people aspire for.

Now, the real question is, what will fix this?

Since I have done so much research and analysis, I have determined that people are not aware of the Right Direction. Almost anything can be found on the Internet, but which skills are most valuable?

There’s a need for transparency, and it’s just not between freshers and IT that there’s a gap between them. When there is a gap between what is called the “Foundation“, as a student, most freshmen face difficulties as they do not have the right mentors.

The best way to overcome this gap and break the barrier, in my opinion, is to learn the new-age technologies acquire the updated skills with a Right Approach, and get the Right Education from the Right Mentor. When it comes to students, they should always possess the mindset to solve problems in the real world before writing a single line or piece of code. It’s all about having the Right Guidance versus just Education without actual scope and direction.” Education must be both appropriate and fair for everyone”. In this context, education isn’t just about technology, but also about feelings. The purpose of this article is to emphasize the importance of utilizing emotions in addition to technology. The “Skills” Gap for Freshers stems from the inability to relate emotionally to the technologies they’re learning because they lack proper guidance.

It is always important to approach your work from a researcher’s perspective. Before you use technologies for a specific purpose, be sure to research them first. Always understand how all the technologies work behind the scenes as well as become familiar with the basics. Update yourself on the latest technologies, breakthroughs, and revolutions. It is entirely possible for a fresher to become an expert in any existing, new, or upcoming technology, and to resolve a wide range of technological and market-based use cases. And, to solve such industry use cases, one always needs the Right Mindset, a vision to be served by great engineering. To engineer something great, one should always visualize the surrounding problems, so that you’ll have a clear perspective and vision. As it’s exactly the same approach every artist, every entrepreneur, and every revolutionary person follows, it makes a person Future Ready and eligible to work with the best IT companies.

The fact that technology was created by humans makes it no more complex than anything else. Therefore, anyone can learn it.

As a final note, we should always strive to use technology to solve real-life problems, and this is especially important when adopting new technologies, whether they are available now or will be in the future. When one receives the proper training, direction, and education from the right mentor, one will be able to address the skills gap more effectively as well as understand the current IT industry environment and requirements, in addition to what skills are necessary to solve many global problems. When a person has the Right Approach, they are able to understand how their employer thinks and to collaborate with their employer to move from current to next. If you understand how the creator thinks, skill gaps won’t exist.

Authored by MR VIMAL DAGA, Technologist & Technology Motivational Speaker

Vimal Daga Technology Expert Educator
Mr. Vimal Daga Technology Expert Educator

In his quest to make India Future Ready, Vimal Daga, Technology Guru, believes that no technology can be as challenging or complex as the World suggests or presents to us. He believes that It is merely a matter of knowing the right path and taking it forward as per one’s requirements.

As per Mr. Daga, the right way of thinking or the belief that “Yes, I Can Do It” can change things in a dramatic way for you. Beyond being a technologist, technology guru, start-up mentor, World record holder, and TEDx speaker, Vimal Daga possesses many talents, roles, and accomplishments.