Samsung Launches FlexWash IoT-enabled Washing Machine

Samsung launches a new all in one laundry washing machine FlexWash. This washing machine comes with a washer-dryer which is a combination of two washers and a dryer. This washing appliance features popular Samsung laundry technologies and features that include the popular AddDoor. 

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Samsung Flexwash mart washing machine with IOT and smartcontrol

Samsung Flexwash Key Features:

To handle the optimal load the Flexwash is available in 23 kg capacity along three core Samsung laundry technologies – EcoBubble, Bubble Soak, and Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT Plus). EcoBubble uses air and water to dissolve detergent, creating a powerful bubble action for cleaning that is much faster and more effective.


The best part is that you can control the Washing machine with your smartphone. Flexwash is IOT enabled washing machine integrated with a smart control which allows the user to control and monitor the machine via smartphone anytime from anywhere. Using the smartphone the user can start and stop the machine whenever wants using the internet on a smartphone. IoT devices are the future and Samsung, as a harbinger of innovation in technology, is ready to adopt this across its product portfolio.