Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Camera Review

Today we are going to do camera review of the Samsung C9 Pro camera that comes with 16Mp Sensor for the rear camera and front camera.  The camera app of the C9 pro is very clean and can launch any time by pressing the home button two times. It comes with auto, panorama, continuous, HDR, Night and Food mode. The missing thing in Pro mode is manual focus and the additional thing we got is the metering option to adjust the brightness of the subject. If you swipe to the right side of the camera app the eight filters you get, the interesting part is that you can download the extra filters and effects from the third-party apps such as Line and Candy Camera. There is no shutter lag while using the camera of Samsung C9 Pro and also the focus of the camera is quick. The photos came out are brilliant in colors especially those captured in daylight. The detailing and sharpness are also fine. The depth of field it creates that also called bokeh effect is also great when you capture the macro shots.


The low light photos are noise but if you use the flash then it good. If you are taken shots at night under some ambient lighting, and colors were also maintained well.

The camera is able to capture the 4K videos at 30fps which make your smartphone camera more usable to you. The video quality was very impressive both in the daytime and at night. If you are a selfie freak then it gives you some option to capture the selfies with one hand by saying “smile”, “cheese”, “capture”, “shoot”, or “record video” to record the video.

Overall, the camera is good but if you compared it with OnePlus 3 or 3T then it is not worth to spend Rs 36,900 on Samsung Galaxy C9 pro if you are looking for a camera phone. But if you need a brand and good service then the Samsung C9 PRo is the best.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Full Specifications

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