Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank launched at ₹ 1299

Syska Accessories announced the launch of the multifunctional power bank Syska Power Vault 200 Flipkart at Rs. 1299/-. The Syska Power Vault 200 comes in White and Black colours integrated with Grade A+ 20000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.

As per the Syska, the power bank has a built-in intelligent circuit control shunting system that enables the connected devices to charge in stages. This helps while charging more than one device at the same time, ensuring that all the devices are charged uniformly and at a faster speed.

Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank

The built-in overcharging and discharge protection system ensures that there is no drain or stress on the Power Vault 200’s batteries. 

It offers 500 times of charge/discharge cycles. The digital display provided on the Power Vault 200 helps you know the precise charge levels of the power bank, displayed in percentage points.  It has multiple connectors like 2 Standard USBs, One Micro USB for input and one USB type C port for input as well as for output.

The product is compatible with a wide range of devices including Laptops, Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, iPods, Mp3/Mp4 players, Tablets, PDAs, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Android or iPhones.

Syska Power Vault 200 has 6 months warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank launched