Top 5 SSL Certificate Providers 2019-2020

In any kind of business or for any other reason when you open a website, you must ask a question to yourself what how you could be able to secure the site. And also, to visitors, the website should feel comfortable while getting a journey on that platform. The trust between the website and the visitor makes a website popular and friendly.

Beside other website security techniques, one is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification to secure and gain the trust of people online. Also, without proper SSL your site will not score a good SEO score, which is a key factor for online marketing. There are also few chances that without proper SSL implementation, your site may not be listed on the first page of Google search result.

Definition of SSL

SSL is a bridge of authentication with privacy and secures the integrity between a web browser and a web server.

Certificate of SSL

When a web server gains the SSL connection and gets the activation in it then it is called SSL certificate. You can see it in the browser as of “https://” before the URL address. After you see this you can trust the site with relief.

From the many SSL providers, you have to pick the one for your website to secure it. Let’s find out the popular SSL providers.

Note: The SSL services are listed randomly and one can select any of them as per requirements.

Comodo SSL

Over the few years in the past, the presence of Comodo SSL is significant and quite popular for its reasonable price. Medium size and small size businesses can take their services at low. The security you get is trustworthy because of the high level of it. This SSL certificate provider starts with the price of $ 99.95 yearly with an option to withdraw the application and a money-back guarantee within that period of time.

But the one problem you can get from it is the time it takes to give validation with the online checking process availability.

Key Points

  • It is very much within the budget for its reasonable price.
  • It has good customer support.
  • As we know sometimes it takes time for validation.



Entrust is a good option for getting an SSL certificate. It gives protection to emails, PDF document signing as well as device authentication. It has a good reputation for its well-maintained service and giving the certification with quickness without any hurdle.

  • It can cover the wide range of products in security such as Credit card printers or ID card printers along with an authentication system and more. It offers the SSL certificate with great value.
  • SWS service is included in all of the certificates of Entrust SSL that has the ability to scan the websites on a regular basis. Because of this scan, the threats of malware or other attacks can be shut down before they harm. $174 is the starting price of Standard SSL single site product on a yearly basis.

Key Points

  • The reputation of this SSL provider is quite remarkable.
  • It has the feature of covering multiple certificates.
  • The price of it is quite costly.



DigiCert gives its SSL certificate holders an opportunity to access for the lifetime of free reissues on limitless servers. The thing you do not get from other providers of SSL.

  • The trust in it is immense by a large scale of mail systems and web browsers and also includes mobile devices in the list.
  • It covers the full security of a website with 256-bit encryption as well as 2028-bit RSA keys signed with SHA-256.
  • The price level starts from 218 dollars yearly for SSL certification.

Key Points

  • It includes a wildcard option that is tough to neglect.
  • The starting range of the price is not so pocket-friendly.
  • From this SSL provider, you cover the whole security system of a website.



We know this SSL certificate provider very well because of the plans it gives to hosting web. Providing SSL services by GoDaddy is not hidden from the SSL certificate seekers. The costing of DV, OV as well as EV certificates are the same from this provider.

  • The price of SSL certificates is quite low. The offers of starting for the certification of it is quite cheap but when it comes to renewing, it is not.
  • To save extra money you could have a try to install it every single year. A single DV or EV is $79.99 and all of them combined a cost around 369.99 dollars yearly.

Key Points

  • The structure of pricing might not work for everyone.
  • The security it provides is remarkable.
  • Renewal price is the key to save some money.



It is one of the largest providers of SSL certificates in the whole world. According to the reports it caters an immense number of customers over 140 countries. GeoTrust gives the security of its SSL enabled websites with up to 256-bit encryption. However, it is powered by DigiCert.

  • For authentication, it takes a good amount of time but with a disciplined process is the key to the status it has today.
  • The price of the basic plan is 149 dollars yearly and cost of Wildcard SSL certificates of GeoTrust is around 599 dollar per year.

Key Points

  • The high end of the GeoTrust is Great.
  • It has the feature of tailoring enterprise solutions.
  • It takes a long time for validating for authentication.


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In the end

If you are looking for SSL certificate provider then you can look at this list for some knowledge about them and after reading this, if you like one of them, then you can access the services of that particular SSL provider.