Fortnite adds a split-screen feature on Consoles and Star Wars mode

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The latest update of Fortnite is here. And it brings a brand new feature which is very rare to find in many games. Now it will allow the split-screen mode to the players. Two players can play co-op mode by sharing a single screen. But for now, it is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will give ease to a player when they will play a match of Duos or Squads with their friends. Well, where the online gaming has reduced the split-screen feature from the majority of the games, it would be a good opportunity to experience it; plus it will also give a new touch to the players of Fortnite.

The Epic Game developer requested the players to give feedback related to any kind of bugs while playing in this mode. You can use the Feedback tool in the game to report such issues. For more info, you can see the latest version 11.30 update changelogs. 

The update on Thursday 12th December also used as a launchpad the setup holyday event map for upcoming holydays. You can see snow everywhere on the island along with some decoration for Christmas and winter houses to support the environment.

With all of the changes we get from the update in this game, it will surely be fun to play and experience the journey along with the flavour of holiday.

About the Star Wars clip

Saturday 14th December the players will be able to see a brand new clip of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers which will be releasing on December 20th. The clip will be introduced by non-other than the director himself J.J. Abrams. Yet, it is not known in which capacity he will participate or introduce the event.

The players are advised to join some time earlier before the premier as the door will be opened at 1:30 p.m. ET/ 10:30 a.m. PT. And the event will begin at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Players need to join a match to access participation. It is available across all platforms where you can play the game.

Risky Reels is the location to watch and enjoy the Star Wars footage and the place is very easy to find in the map of the game and Epic prepared the Risky Reel very well to premier the clip.

If you are not satisfied only with the premier then there is more. Fortnite is going full Star Wars mode as from the item store of it, you can have the Star Wars skins such as Finn, Rey, Sith trooper skins. Apart from that, from the stage of The Game Awards, the creative director Donald Mustard of Epic game enlightens us about the gifts, the players will get if they participate in the event. The gift will be a TIE Whisper Gilder. The item from the shop includes Emotes, Pickaxes and other outfits from Star Wars.

The package you would get from the Fortnite is quite remarkable and you can participate in the event to explore the movie clip that is a new thing to promote a movie.

Saumyajeet sengupta
Well, I am a football Fanatic. I play, watch and write about football, former Gamer but still play only FIFA football game. Working for the finance industry and learning the lessons of life.


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