9 Best Weather App for Android in 2020 (free)

I still keep in mind the times when we had to browse the newspapers to understand the weather reports and forecasts or sit ahead of a TV to check and listen to the news regarding the weather. The roots to know weather reports were restricted at that amount of time. However, at the moment, the emergence of automated phones created it terribly simple for us to understand the stats regarding weather. Now, with the help of a small mobile app, we can get full details of weather forecast and temperature. You’ll get the full detail of it with a weather app in your android device or phone. Thus, in order to install the best weather app from the play store on your phone to see the weather reports any time you want.

We are listing the Weather Apps for android with a good Weather Widget.

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

This best weather radar app for Android is an Editors’ choice. 1Weather app is giving its services for a long time because of the popularity it has among the users. The ratings are quite remarkable to consider it. 1Weather consists of many features that guide us toward an accurate weather report.


  • The forecast reports of daily and hourly basis in available with some additional stats.
  • You can get a weather widget in it.
  • 25 different languages are included to use.
  • It is an app that has a clean and clear design.
  • Other features like Android Wear Support along with a maximum of 12 cities weather tracking option is present at the time.

You can get the services free of cost. Get it from here.

Price: It is free but you can pay $ 1.99 to avoid any kind of advertisement.

Weather by WeatherBug

Another Editors’ Choice Weather app for Android that can provide surrounding info intelligently to make us ready for upcoming changes in climate. It is a live forecast app that gives real-time weather conditions, accurate- hourly & 10-day forecasts and more.


  • 18 weather maps, including Doppler radar, UV index, satellite map, lightning alerts, precipitation, local temperature, wind chill, and more.
  • Weather widgets
  • Spark Lightning Alerts
  • Weather Details on Hurricane, Fire, Air Quality, Pollen Count, Temperature
  • And more.


Price: Free

Weather Maps & Snow Radar

Weather Maps & Snow Radar created by The Weather Channel business of IBM to precisely give the information about local weather conditions on the map as well as forecast. It offers Live weather radar, snowstorm and blizzard tracker, as well as a local temperature monitor. The Weather Channel provides weather forecast up to 15 days in advance, with NOAA alerts and severe weather recommendations.


  • Personalized live weather map
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • Track weather alerts & conditions
  • Can now predict the flu risk up to 15 days in advance.
  • The radar of it is quite good.
  • You can see the forecast which updates in every single minute.
  • Pollution Index
  • Forecasting of the rain is remarkable in it.
  • And more…

Price: Free


Windy- Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast

Windy.com app is also recognized by Windyty, is another intuitive Weather forecast app with attractive visualization. The best thing is free without any ads, thus everything will be clean and clear.



  • Satellite & Doppler radar
  • 1500+ paragliding spots or nearby webcams right on the map.
  • +40 global weather maps
  • 50k+ Airports searchable by ICAO and IATA
  • 40+ world languages


Price: Free

NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather Unofficial is the kind of app which is very reliable for any person who has an avid interest in weather reports. National Oceanic, as well as Atmospheric Administration, are the main links form which it fetches the weather news.


  • Hourly forecast and latest news related to weather are visible.
  • Multiple city weather report simultaneously is traceable.
  • This app is not so good in terms of design and full detailed information about the weather.
  • You can choose the weather widget from it.

NOAA Weather would be an option to check the weather report if you want a quick look at the forecast but not for the detailed information.

Get the App from Play Store.

Price: The free version we recommend you to use but for the knowledge, the paid service will take around $ 1.99.

Weather app for Android

If you are looking for something new kind of app to know the weather report then this one is one of the best Weather apps with an intuitive interface. It also provides a weather widget that can tell you the current temperature and forecast right on the screen.



  • It provides alert on temperature, wind, air sunshine, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, atmosphere pressure, water, sunrise sunset, storm and rain.
  • Daily and hourly prediction along with next 7 to 10 days Weather forecast.
  • Auto reload data for notification
  • Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar and more…

Get the App

Price: Free

AccuWeather Winter weather alerts

AccuWeather Winter weather alerts & local forecast app is one of the most popular apps for Android smartphone. It is very reliable and compact weather app that deserves to in your Android device. It is very simple to check and understand for the users. The basic nature of this app makes it usable.


  • The hourly forecast report is available there.
  • Live weather 24/7
  • It gives you is the MinuteCast to know every moment of the weather report.
  • Check up to 15 days in advance
  • RealFeel Temperature
  • The predictability of rain is useful for the users. And you get the prediction of it every minute.
  • The app comes with a Weather Widget that looks good and serviceable.

It is an all in one app that is one of the best among the mass of weather apps.

Download it

Price: It has both free and paid services and the charge is around $2.99.

Awesome Weather – Live Wallpaper, Widgets

If you do not worry so much about your battery consumption, then try this Awesome Weather app that provides widget along with Live Wallpaper. That gives us a feel of what is happening outside in terms of temperature and climate. For example, on some shinny day, it will show Live wallpaper with beautiful sun and background; in the same way, if it is the season of Christmas then you will get snow falling Live wallpaper with Santa.

Coming to the weather forecast, it provides all the essential information that we need.


  • The temperature on the status bar.
  • Wallpaper on the lock screen.
  • Radar and Weather Map.
  • Alarm clock with the weather
  • Weather forecast in the notification area.
  • Weather widgets, 14-day weather forecast.
  • And more…


Price: Free

Special Appearance: Google

I just cannot ignore this all in one solution station and the information we get from it. The weather report is also included in it and we all know pretty much about that. We should not say it is a weather app but there is enough data we get to know the weather situation. You do not need to install an extra weather app if you use Google for it.

Just search for some weather forecast or click the mike and tell it to search for you and that’s it. You can get an option to pin the weather app kind of thing from it in your home screen of the phone.

Price: I know it is unnecessary to talk about the price of it but for records, it is totally free

Hoping for good weather

Sometimes it is important to know about the weather on the spot to deal with other circumstances and probability. Use the appropriate weather app for you and Google is always there to guide.