Top 8 things AI will be capable of doing by the end of the coming decade

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword in today’s world, and it sounds fancier than it actually is, at this state. However, AI can be the potential gamechanger in the world of technology, and everything else in our life. Even though AI is still at the stage when it needs to go through massive improvements to break new grounds, we all use glimpses of AI, in our everyday life, and I must say, we are all satisfied with what AI has to offer us, even at this stage, when we are just a few days from the third decade of the Millenium.

AI is improving rapidly, and we can expect AI to do a lot of tasks for us in the coming decade and eventually make our life a lot easier and convenient. Yes, I mean it! As we are going to step into the third decade of 2020, I am here with some cool things that AI will be able to do for us, by the end of the coming decade. Nobody knows the future, we can just predict it! With the current pace of AI’s development, we can expect AI to do the things I will mention here. Chances are, with even better and more polished algorithms, we can see AI, do the listed things, well before the end of the coming decade.

Artifical Intelligence…

So, without any further delay, let’s find out, what are the different ways AI will convey thanks by working for us by the end of the coming decade.

Better gaming

If you play a lot of games, there is good news for you as AI can make gaming experience the best ever in the coming decade. With the type of games that you occasionally play, and also, depending upon your skills, artificial intelligence can be used to present opponents in front of you, which can be your best competitor. This will apply even if you are not playing any multiplayer game, where matchmaking is typically carried out by comparing the skill sets of the players who are available in the arena.

Not only that, with artificial intelligence, you can find a recommendation for certain types of games which you will definitely like and if you are using some gaming platform to download games on your computer, you should be familiar with this thing. From time to time, we all get recommendations from Google Play Store and the number of other gaming providers like Steam. All these recommendations are based on the type of games that we like, and our gaming history. So, we are more or less using this benefit of AI when it comes to gaming.

Better shopping

Most shopping portals already use artificial intelligence today to recommend products to you, that you will likely purchase. Generally speaking, the shopping portals use your recent browsing history and some other parameters to find out, which are the product that you will be interested in. But in the coming days, artificial intelligence can renovate the experience of both online and offline shopping in ways you can’t even imagine. I am just here with some cool examples. Depending upon your food habits and daily intake of some other everyday items, artificial intelligence can be used to recommend a weekly or monthly shopping list so that you never forget the most necessary things in your life when you need it. 

Imagine, you want to get the latest flagship from your favourite brand! Depending upon the price, your monthly expenditure and everything else, the shopping assistant who is implementing artificial intelligence techniques can suggest, whether you need to break the bank to get that. If it is out of your budget, the shopping assistant can even recommend a financial plan that can help you to get the product within the next 6 months or so.

Entertainment out of bounds

Most entertainment and other websites are already using artificial intelligence techniques to recommend videos and other content based on your history of activities, and also your likes and dislikes. But, in the coming decade, artificial intelligence will be helpful in entertaining us in even better ways beyond your imagination.

With computers going smarter and with a lot of data, a system can prepare a list of videos and other contents based on likes and dislikes of a person having a certain type of personality and you will get recommendations depending upon your personality and obviously your personal likes and dislikes, which is bound to offer you more convenient entertainment. Artificial Intelligence can also know and track the different other ways you entertain yourself in the real world, which can also be useful to recommend content, based on all the activities in your life so that you end up liking it.

Better management of finances

If you invest in the stock market or other places where you have the risk of losing the money, Artificial Intelligence can help you in innumerable ways to get the most out of our investment. Unlike a human stockbroker, a machine that has the ability to think of its own can compare data from the last few years even faster and in a more accurate way, to offer you the best ways to invest your money so that you do not face any losses, or minimize losses to the highest extent.

Even though a stockbroker will also compare data from the last few years and will observe the allied circumstances, Artificial Intelligence can take more aspects into consideration which will definitely lead to more precise decisions. Apart from investments, artificial intelligence can also help you manage your personal finances and help you save money for your future by suggesting a financial plan that should work to help you lead a good life and save money at the same time. Artificial intelligence will also look into your lifestyle closely, to suggest a financial plan so that you don’t shake things up to lead a good life.

Better dating for best matches

Dating websites are nothing new. Most dating websites do the matchmaking using algorithms, which will compare the personalities, likes, and dislikes, and other aspects to find the perfect match. These algorithms are tweaked from time to time to make matchmaking more accurate by collecting feedback from users from the community. But with the aid of artificial intelligence, the matchmaking will be much better and more precise.

People invest a lot of money into dating websites and with precise use of artificial intelligence, matchmaking can be made much better and artificial Intelligence can also tell when a user is lying to its partner which can reduce the number of fakes on dating sites and make it a better place for people to find genuine partners. Artificial Intelligence can also be used to track or find out fake users depending upon their behaviour and other aspects to make dating websites a much happier place.

More efficient teaching methods

You might be out of the blue to know about teaching based on artificial intelligence, but this isn’t new. China already has electronic teachers, which work on artificial intelligence and they can deliver more efficient teaching, no human teacher can when it comes to educating a mass. Even if a teacher tries to give maximum attention to all the individual students, human beings have their own limitations, and you can’t deny that.

But, when it comes to teachers, who are driven by artificial intelligence, they can provide attention to all the individual students, and can even customize the teaching method for each of the students, so that it leads to the best outcomes. We might be in love with human teachers, with whom, we can create an emotional bond, but human teachers along with features driven by artificial intelligence can offer even better outcomes when it comes to educating a mass.

More optimized customer service

This is something we all are familiar with. Each time we communicate with the customer care team to get some assistance from our internet service provider, or for any other service, the initial task is to communicate with the interactive voice response for IVR system, after which we are redirected to the appropriate customer care agent for additional help. But with artificial intelligence, the IVR system can be capable enough to solve our problems without any need for human intervention.

The interactive voice response system, with the power of AI, can use certain algorithms to help them find out, what we meant through our voice, and with the help of that, they can offer some relevant solutions for the problem that we are facing. This will not only reduce human intervention, which can sometimes lead to errors and language troubles but can also make deliver faster solutions. We hate it when the customer care executive puts the call on hold to find the relevant details, and with artificial intelligence, that problem can be fixed, as machines can check the records faster than a human can.

Artificial intelligence is just the tip of the iceberg and it has to go through significant modifications to achieve those, which I have mentioned here. Even though it is a challenge to build artificial intelligence machines to meet our requirements exactly the way we want, I am sure, all those which I have mentioned here is achievable by 2030. Besides, all those which I have mentioned here, there are also some other tasks, which AI can do, even today, but I haven’t mentioned them here, as those are already there in the world of Technology, and it includes self-driving cars, self-driving planes, better health facilities, and the list goes on.

So, those are the things that AI will be capable of doing. I am sure, you found it interesting to read the story. Do you have anything else to say? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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