Top 6 emerging technologies in different fields

We live in an amazing time of technological advancements, a period when the previously unimaginable things are no longer just figments of our imagination. Mind-blowing futuristic technological breakthroughs which already exist in some form or the other are here.

So here we are talking about the emerging technologies in different core fields:


If you are a fan of Iron Man, his bulletproof suit, his amazing missiles, his stunning speed and astonishing technologies he is having, so, man, you have come to the right place. Here are some stupendous emerging technologies, you should know about, like

(a)  Directed-energy weapon (DEW)

Directed-energy weapon (DEW)
Image source: Military & Aerospace Electronics

A ranged weapon system that can damage at a target through emitting highly focused energy with a laser beam and particle beam.

And the awful part is-

  • It is invisible (if you are from science background let me tell you, these can be used as radiation above and below the visible spectrum).
  • Does not generate sound.
  • Resistant to windage and Coriolis force (makes the aim much more precise)
  • Suitable for use in space (Be a Starlord, yeah!)

And those who are environment-friendly here comes-

(b) Green bullet

  • The material of a lead bullet contains ozone-depleting substances, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and these generate hazardous wastes and cause difficulty through the entire life cycle of ammunition.
  • So, United States Department of Defense has taken an initiative to eliminate the use of these materials.

(c) Electroshock weapon

  • You must have watched the “Death cure” if not, don’t worry. These are used in many action movies.
  • It delivers an electric shock aimed at temporarily disrupting muscle functions, (don’t worry, the person won’t die).
  • Others like tasers, they use thin flexible wires, but, hey, here you don’t need wires.
  • They basically use piezo-electricity (electric charge) accumulated in certain solid materials like crystals, certain ceramics and in you, like your bone, DNA, and various proteins (so, be careful).

Now here comes the next stage,



You all know, Lord Ganesha, a body of a human being and head of an elephant, so technically, it was a head transplant.

Experiments have been started to transplant head and some experiments also ended in 2-headed results.

      • Though some medical challenges are there like our immune system. We cannot transplant the head of an animal with a human being for now.
      • But in upcoming years, head transplant within the same species will be possible.


Material science

Those who work in a laboratory, they have to be in their lab until their experiment is not completed. So, if, there is a single chip which can perform one or several laboratory functions and you can have it with you every time, anywhere you go. And you can perform your required task.

So, here we go-

(a) Lab-on-a-chip


A device that integrates one or several laboratory functions on a single integrated circuit of size from few millimeters to few square centimeters.

Now, the question arises “What are the advantages?”

      • Low fluid volume consumption.
      • Your analysis will be faster.
      • You will be safe when you are dealing with chemicals, radioactive or biological studies because of integration of functionality and stored energies.



(a) Flying car

Flying car

You have just watched these in the movies or read them in novels, yes! Your dream car will be real in upcoming years.

      • These are a type of personal air vehicles, though the experiment had been started in 1926, by Henry Ford- “Sky Flivver” but that was rejected because of a flight crash, killing the pilot.
      • After that Molt Taylor, in 1949, designed flying car and they were about to launch in the market but due to some reasons, he did not succeed in getting those into production.
      • As for now, a single-seated aircraft, “X-Hawk” has been built and utility functions but till now, no flights have been reported.
      • ‘ and Kitty Hawk Corporation’ are designing and developing flying cars and these are planned to enter in the Russian market in this year only (2018).

(b) High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS)

High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS)

Here high altitude means- in space!

Aren’t you surprised? A manned or unmanned airplane or a balloon or an airship hovering above you.

      • Research is going on in Europe.
      • It will be used in telecommunications.
      • It will provide you a high-speed connectivity over areas of up to 400 km.
      • They can improve the communication between military bases in remote areas such as those in Afghanistan.
      • It will be used for surveillance and intelligence.

The best example is “Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk”, used by U.S. Airforce.

      • They can be used as a rocket launch platform-

The rocket reaches 20 km. when launched from the ground, will reach 100 km if launched from HAPS.



Now, the medical technologies,

How would it be if a dead person comes to you and say ‘hi’?

(a) Cryonics

Image Source: International Times

This is not a joke now, cryonics will do it for you.

It is the practice of freezing a person who has died of a disease in hopes of restoring life at some future time when a cure for the disease has been developed.

      • Though, Cryopreservation of Homo sapiens is not reversible but there are chances in the future.
      • As for now, 5 facilities exist in the world to withhold cryopreserved bodies, out of which 3 are in the U.S., one in Russia and one in India.

(b) Life extension

In other words, anti-aging science, how will you feel when you become immortal?

      • In this technology, your stem cells are cryopreserved immediately after your birth.
      • And stem cells, regenerative medicine, molecular repair, gene therapy, organ replacement will enable humans to be “The immortalist”.
      • Today, the anti-aging products such as supplements and hormone replacement therapies are more common and these help to slow or reverse the aging process.
      • Some animals such as Hydra, Planaria, Flatworms and jellyfish (it is having a gene whose product revert back its aging) do not die of old age and exhibit potential immortality.




In some situations, people will always be best for unleashing creative activities and sometimes we just need technology choosing between paper and computer is a matter of context. Today, we can have the best for both worlds.


Pup scanner pocket

      • First ever connected pocket scanner. It is mobile, tiny, lightweight, wireless with a long-lasting battery.
      • Simple, one button, very easy.
      • It takes care of everything like crop, rotates, format and upload.
      • It takes care of you every time like you don’t have to move around for scanning a paper. Just sit where you are and scanning is done just like that.

And there are technologies like airless tires, flexible wings of an airplane, hoverbikes, augmented reality, artificial brain, and much more.