How are the Bigger Organisations using Twitter to Grow Their Business?

When it comes to your business let me ask you one question of how often have you been using Twitter. Do you listen to your customers?? How often do you create new connections?? Do you sell your products and services on Twitter??

And at one point or the other, you do have to ask yourself if Twitter is helpful for growing your business or not, or it’s just a waste of time. But the truth here is it just helps you in promoting your brand if you know how to use it in the right way. And it’s obvious that when we first use Twitter we do not know how to grow our brand name there. By having a proper research done will know how things work and how you can grow your business using Twitter. Given below are some of the ways the business have been using in order to grow their business on Twitter.

How are the Bigger Organisations using Twitter to Grow Their Business.

Setting up goals: People most often forget this tip very easily. But let me tell you that no strategy can be achieved without having goals being set for whatever you are trying to achieve. Without having the milestones been said it is obvious that you will make mistakes. According to a study conducted by social sprout what is 41% of the companies even today are not sure if social media is helping them in bringing accurate results. And the reason behind this is that they have not been tracking whats happening on their social media accounts on regular basis, and moreover they do not have any real objectives being set.

Making use of the Twitter ads: There are many kinds of Twitter adds that you could try and use for your business. First is promoted tweets the second one has promoted accounts and the last but not the least is promoted trends. Promoted tweets adjust the regulatory that you cannot use for all those users who are not following you. And in case the user like them they can use it and promote it directly in their account. The help of the promoted tweets you can try and reach your marketing audiences, who are not aware of your brand and sharing content that is being successful on Twitter. Promoted accounts are nothing but adding you in the spotlight in order to gain more followers. Your account will then show up in the targeted users, lines, search results, and the last but not the least as a suggestion on Twitter. Promoted Trends is nothing but some of the most trending topics appearing on Twitter. These are topics that generally appear on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Promoted trends topic can also be promoted using a hashtag.

Gaining exposure through Twitter chats: Your main question when it comes to Twitter is that probably how you get more followers. But the thing here is that you should be focussing on how you should be getting more active followers. Trust me the numbers would mean nothing over here if you are not engaging with your followers. One of the best ways you could engage with your customers is through Twitter chats. This is how you can grow your following gaining the attention of your users who are having even more popularity when compared to you. The users engaging in your chat are the one who retweets your tweets, comments on your tweet and the last but not the least get your account to the notice of the other marketing audiences.

Creating a tweeting strategy and scheduling your posts: Now when you have got your posting schedule for all your Twitter accounts, so you do know what you are going to tweet and when u are going to tweet. Have your Twitter post schedule kept in mind while you are adding the editorial content to the calendar? Also, make sure that you have your tweets linked with your content more than once. Posting a single time is a big mistake that most of the brands continue to do when on Twitter. Reposting them on regular basis will help in bringing good results. Reposting is important because not everyone will be able to see your content that is just posted for one time.

Running contest: By running the contests on twitter you will actually be able to convert your followers into leads and then turning them into paying customers. Also, there is no limit on how many types of the contest would you actually wish to run. You can try and hold a random drawing, sweepstakes contest and potentially run. It is also wise enough to pick a contest based on the marketing goals that you are trying to achieve within it.

The different types of the AD campaign: You can try and choose Twitter ad campaign based on the objective of your business. And you try and select what results you want to pay for within each campaign. For the engagement campaign, you can just try and promote tweets like just mentioned. You can just try and pay for each initial user and you would be only paying when someone interacts with those tweets. For impression on the promoted tweets that do not end up in engagement, you will not be paying anything.

Twitter video: The Twitter video these days is turning out to be really very popular in the world of content marketing, to which the marketers are going and increasing the budget of the videos in order to reflect it. Twitter is not just the very first thing that you need to be thinking of when contemplating video marketing. But there are many other options as well that are made available in order to use videos on the given platforms like these.

So what other strategies would you like to add to the blog above? How have the above mentioned turned out to work for you? Leave your comments below. We will be happy to add them above.


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