10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Maximize Productivity

Effective communication is key, whether you’re writing compelling emails, social media content, or simply looking to boost your productivity. That’s where ChatGPT Chrome extensions come into play, revolutionizing how we interact with language and unlocking a new realm of possibilities.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for 2023

In this article, we delve into the realm of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, designed to empower your writing endeavors and effortlessly connect with others. These cutting-edge tools harness the power of AI language models to provide persuasive writing suggestions, improve productivity, and elevate your communication skills to new heights.

1. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google is an extraordinary Chrome extension that elevates your search engine experience by providing ChatGPT responses alongside search engine results. Whether you’re using Google, Bing, or other popular search engines, this extension effortlessly integrates ChatGPT’s robust capabilities into your browsing, offering a whole new dimension of insights and information at your fingertips. 

This incredible Chrome extension allows you to initiate a conversation with ChatGPT right after receiving search query results. Leveraging the official OpenAI API, it supports GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-3 models, ensuring accurate and informative responses to your inquiries.

But that’s not all – this extension comes packed with exciting features, such as Markdown rendering, code highlights, dark mode, and even a custom trigger mode for personalized interactions. Your feedback is valuable for improving the ChatGPT experience, and for convenience, a copy-to-clipboard option is readily available. 

2. WebChatGPT


Despite its wise and confident answers, ChatGPT faces a crucial limitation – access to the latest information on the Internet. As its knowledge is confined to data up until 2021, any events or developments that occurred after that time might render its responses outdated. However, there’s a solution to this challenge in the form of WebChatGPT, one of the finest ChatGPT Chrome extensions available. 

This extension allows users to bypass the limitation and access up-to-date information, making interactions with ChatGPT even more relevant and insightful. With WebChatGPT, you can stay informed and connected to the latest happenings, breaking news, and trending topics beyond ChatGPT’s initial data cutoff.

You have the option to select various filters, such as time, region, and the number of results, tailoring your browsing experience to your preferences. If needed, you can easily revert to native ChatGPT functionality by toggling the extension off. However, as with any tool that provides extensive access to the Internet, concerns about plagiarized content arise. 

3. Promptheus

Promptheus chrome extension

Promptheus is an exceptional Chrome tool that elevates your conversations with ChatGPT. Gone are the days of typing; now, you can effortlessly engage with the AI model using your voice. Just hold down the spacebar, and experience the seamless and rapid flow of interactions, unhindered by typing speed limitations. With Promptheus, you’ll enjoy smoother and more dynamic exchanges with ChatGPT, revolutionizing the way you communicate with AI.

Crafted with intuition and convenience in mind, Promptheus offers an effortless and seamless way to communicate with the AI chatbot. Moreover, this incredible tool is now accessible in over 40 languages, ensuring a global reach and a truly inclusive user experience. 

Adding to its user-friendly features, ChatGPT can now be conveniently accessed in a popup window by simply clicking the extension button located in the top right corner. With this exciting update, you can enjoy voice interactions seamlessly, no matter where you are on the web. 

4. Compose AI

Compose AI

Compose AI is a remarkable ChatGPT Chrome extension designed to streamline email writing effortlessly. With this tool, composing emails becomes a breeze as the extension automates the process seamlessly. The AI integration works flawlessly, fitting into any text field without any hiccups. Notably, you can harness the power of this composer for all types of emails. Just type its shortcode (//), and the menu bar springs to life, offering a user-friendly and efficient way to create emails with ease.

Compose AI offers a wide array of features, catering to various writing needs, such as outlines, bullet lists, headlines, paragraphs, sentences, ideas, and even emails. All you need to do is type your specific use case and hit enter. Within a matter of seconds, the AI will deliver a neatly crafted output, impressively quick and polished. 

The best part? Compose AI provides 1,000 words for free, and if you need more, you can avail of the option to purchase 15,000 words per month for just $9.99.

5. TweetGPT

TweetGPT ChatGPT chrome extensions

TweetGPT seamlessly integrates ChatGPT’s intelligence into your tweets. With this powerful tool, you can engage in intelligent discussions, craft thoughtful responses, and communicate more effectively on the platform. Say goodbye to limitations and elevate your Twitter interactions with the aid of TweetGPT, making your conversations more engaging, informative, and enriched with AI-driven insights.

Whether you’re replying to tweets, joining lively discussions, or sharing your thoughts, this powerful extension seamlessly connects to Twitter, offering a user-friendly interface that enhances your tweeting experience.

By activating the extension, you’ll instantly witness the difference in your tweets. TweetGPT analyzes your input and provides valuable suggestions to refine your messages, making them more impactful, coherent, and engaging. 

6. TeamSmart AI

TeamSmart AI

Unlike many ChatGPT extensions that focus on just one or two features, TeamSmart AI stands out by offering a comprehensive collection of AI agents that cater to various user needs. With a range of virtual agents, each specializing in its own area, TeamSmart AI provides a holistic solution to assist users in different aspects. 

Whether you need software engineering queries addressed by Marc or seek guidance and support from Rose, the mental coach, TeamSmart AI has you covered. While exploring the capabilities of TeamSmart, it’s essential to keep in mind that users will need to input their OpenAI API key to access its features. However, the effort is well worth it, as TeamSmart proves to be highly responsive and accurate in its performance. 

7. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer empowers you to write emails and messages on any website using ChatGPT’s impressive AI capabilities. With a straightforward setup that only requires an OpenAI login, this standalone extension consistently delivers exceptional responses, often surpassing the performance of other writing tools. 

For both crucial emails and casual messages, the ChatGPT Writer guarantees top-notch responses, surpassing other similar tools in quality. Its seamless integration with any website makes it a versatile choice, and it even offers specialized support tailored for Gmail users. 

Language barriers are no obstacle, as this extension boasts comprehensive language support, accommodating users across different linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, compatibility with all Chromium-based browsers ensures accessibility and ease of use. 

8. ChatGPT Summary for Chrome

ChatGPT Summary for Chrome

Adding to the list of top-notch ChatGPT Chrome extensions, ChatGPT Summary stands out as a strong and practical choice. This extension proves exceptionally useful, saving you valuable time during your learning endeavors by providing succinct summaries of web pages and YouTube videos. 

This tool uses advanced technology powered by OpenAI. Whether you’re conducting research, studying, or simply seeking a quick overview, this extension has you covered. This ingenious extension excels in extracting the most crucial and readable content from web pages, skillfully sending it to ChatGPT for generating concise and impactful summaries. 

9. ChatSonic

ChatSonic extension

ChatSonic’s integration with Google Search puts the latest information, AI-generated images, and references right at your fingertips. It streamlines your workflow and allows you to effortlessly compose high-quality emails directly from Gmail. It further enhances your productivity by summarizing lengthy email threads and providing an overview of the entire conversation’s timeline. 

ChatSonic goes beyond elevating your email experience; it also empowers your social media presence to reach new heights. You can easily enhance your Twitter game with valuable support and increased engagement, while on LinkedIn you can craft perfectly tailored posts in seconds to improve your profile.

10. SciSpace Copilot

SciSpace Copilot extension

Ranked among the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions, SciSpace Copilot excels in simplifying complex explanations into easily digestible content. Tailored for research papers, this extension proves to be a valuable companion, assisting users in comprehending intricate concepts with ease. 

You can simplify your encounter with complex documents by visiting any research paper and tapping the SciSpace Copilot extension icon. While the processing time may vary based on the paper’s length, once complete, a chatbox opens, allowing you to pose questions to the Copilot effortlessly. Ask anything, and the Copilot promptly provides answers, making your research journey smoother and more comprehensible. 


From streamlining email composition to summarizing web content, these extensions have transformed how we communicate, research, and learn. Their ability to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms and provide valuable support in various domains makes them indispensable tools for users seeking productivity, efficiency, and enriched experiences.

So check out these extensions and download the one that best suits your needs and requirements.