8 Affordable and best electronic healthcare devices in India that you should buy

All of us are very well aware of the fact that the present situation is a very risky and delicate one. So, we should not leave any stone unturned to take care of ourselves and our families. Therefore, in this very article, I have included some of the best health care electronic device categories, along with the affordable model of the same category which all you can look forward to purchasing. Now, any further debate, let me quickly start the show.


  • Category- Body Massager
  • Product – Dr. Physio (USA) Active Hammer Electric Powerflody Massagers With Vibration For Pain Relief Massager

This is one of the best body massagers out there and it has a lot to offer to you. It runs on electricity and is durable and handy for your normal and day to day usage. In the package., you will get the instruction manual, and you can get the knowledge regarding how this beauty works and how you will be using it. The handle with which you will hold this massager is designed for rough and tough usage and is also non-slippery so that you will have a strong grip on it. If looks bother you, then you will like the magnificent looks and sleek design of this gadget. The infrared light, smart panel, etc all add more sparks to its beauty. You can purchase it easily from some of the e-commerce sites and then get set go.

Dr Physio Hammer Pro Electric Powerful Body Massagers with Vibration Red min


  • Category- Foot Massager
  • Product – Lifelong LLM153 Massager Machine for Blood Circulation  

I know that most of the time after hectic work of the day, our legs are fully exhausted and there is nothing that we do for them, but now, all of you can give them a relaxing massage. You simply need to connect it to the PowerPoint and then position both your feet in it and then let this device do the job while you relax in a state of bliss. The massage provided by this gadget to your feet will make you feel more comfortable and your feet relaxed. The speed of the massage can be controlled by you up to three levels and it is another accolade that this beauty boasts of, and it is indeed praiseworthy. It targets the most stressed points of your feet so that the blood circulation can be improved there, providing you with comforts and happiness. It comes back with many exciting features and LED display, and sleek design is amongst them.

Lifelong LLM153 Pain Relief Foot min


  • Category- Heating Pads
  • Product – Future Wizard Heating Electrothermal Auto Cut Off Gel Pad Electric Heating Bag

This is another device that has a lot to do for you.  First of all, it is simply an electric heating bag and it works by filling hot water in it. It has a capacity of around one liter and is made with a special material that keeps it leak-free and perfect for rough and tough usage. With a charge of approx ten minutes, you can get usage of up to two hours, and it is nice. It is best suited for providing warmth to any part of your body, especially in winter. But, yes, you can also use it any part of the year, as it gives you some of the eBay feelings, while you are using it, you will feel relaxed and free from everything. All forms of normal to regular problems, like – Arthritis, pain from sports or fall, muscle pain, headache, and much more, all of these can be relieved using it and you will be feeling much better and the particular part of your body, where you are having trouble will be having the feeling of cloud nine for some moments.

Future Wizard Heating Electrothermal Auto Cut min


  • Category- Nebulizers
  • Product – Omron NE-U 100 Nebulizer

Nebulizers are one of the most vital and useful devices of essential healthcare electronic devices. It is a must-have for all the patients of asthma and different types of breathing problems. It can even save lives at times, as it provides the patient with oxygen, whenever he or she is unable to breathe on his or her own. So, as of now, you must have understood the value and importance of this gift of technology to us. When we talk about this very model, it is available only in white color now and comes with the manual so that you can go through it and get accustomed to the working and handling of this product. You will get all the essential stuff inside the packaging and then you can arrange them, in proper sequence after you through the manual and instructions, and once you are done with it, you can start using it whenever needed. And yes, you also need some liquids and medicines which you need to fill in properly before using it, and your doctor will prescribe the same.

Omron Nebulizer Microair NE U100 Portable Pocket Sized 360 Degree Silent Mesh Nebulizer min


  • Category- Weighing Scales
  • Product – Dr. Trust (USA) Executive Rechargeable Digital Weighing Scale  

This is also one of the must-have gadgets by all of you. It is always necessary to keep monitoring your weight, so you must own it. The digital display looks very fancy and also makes it look more stylish. The battery backup is also awesome and it will last for a month on a single charge and it is indeed a very magnificent fact about it. Furthermore, it also records and showcases to you the temperature of your room from time to time, so you can remain aware of it. It can measure weight up to one hundred eighty kilograms and I guess most of us will get within this range. It displays nearly accurate weight and it will also give you fitness and health goals every time you check your weight in it. The LCD display and overall design make it a looker and yes you can flaunt it.

Dr Trust USA Electronic Executive Rechargeable Digital Weighing Scale for Human Body with Temperature Display min


  • Category- BP Monitors
  • Product – Dr. Morepen BP02 Bp Monitor

Blood Pressure is one of the most common yet serious health issues, and most of the people suffer from this very problem. Even, people of various age groups are prone to it, and the thing worth mentioning is that people are not even aware of the fact that they are suffering from high or low BP in most cases and they get to know about it after checking it out. So, I have got an interesting and awesome piece of tool for you. The above-mentioned product is one of the most advanced and affordable ones, and it comes packed with a lot of features in it. It works with four batteries, and they will last for a long time period. It gives you almost accurate results of both lower and higher levels of blood pressure and also displays the pulse rate of your body. The LCD display is large and you can read all the numbers in a crystal clear manner. It comes loaded with the latest technology which enables it to store the record of your many previous tests. It has the capacity of recording pressure in the range of 40 to 230 mmHg.

Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor White min


  • Category- Glucometers
  • Product – Accu Chek Active Glucose Monitor

Blood sugar is another issue that is not at all easy to ignore, as it is the gateway to many other serious and dangerous diseases. Furthermore, if your blood sugar level is not in the normal range, then, in that case, you can not be operated on for many minor to major operations. So, it is necessary that all of you should monitor your blood sugar levels from time to time and have a sharp eye on it, and whenever it gets abnormal, quickly visit a doctor. This device will allow you to monitor your sugar levels in the blood and that too within ten seconds. The LCD display is large and will give you bright and large results. It boasts of the memory feature in which it records the result of your last 350 tests, and it is indeed praiseworthy.

Accu Chek Active Glucose Monitor

  • Category- Thermometers
  • Product – Intex Infrared Digital Thermometer Thermo Safe Thermometer

The thermometer is the device to measure the body temperature, and it is a must-have for everyone, and especially in the very present time when everything is only getting more and more complicated. One of the most astonishing features about this product is that it comes with no touch and no contact, so gone are the days when you used to keep the thermometer inside your mouth and sit for a minute or two. Furthermore, it displays results in around three seconds and the results are accurate with high levels of efficiency. The LCD display is beautiful and the content can be easily read by you. Moreover, the AI allows it to signal you a fever alert with different color codes. It comes backed with strong technologies that display the result in both degree centigrade and Fahrenheit for you, and it also has the dual verification mode, so that you can check twice your results. It works on AA-size batteries and each set of batteries lasts for a longer interval of time. It also has a lot more to offer to you, just try it yourself and you will be amazed to know.

Intex Infrared Digital Thermometer Thermo Safe Thermometer min

Thus, these are the eight best and affordable electronic gadgets that you should possess with you so that you can monitor yourself and remain safe and healthy in this tough situation. I have highlighted the corresponding device along with each and every category so that you can straight away make your purchase without the need for further search. You can buy these products from some of the leading e-commerce stores. I hope that this article was beneficial and helpful for you all.