8 Best Sports Games of 2020 to play on Android smartphones

We know that our Google Play store boasts a plethora of games and has various categories of games. So, today, I have come up with this article in which I have included some of the best Sports games. All of us know that this year, a lot of sports events have been postponed or canceled due to the global pandemic, but the digital platform allows you to enjoy them in a virtual world of yours. So, without any further talks, let us start with some offline Sports games that you can even play without the internet on your Android devices.

Top Android Sports Games of 2020

Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

The best way to start our article is with the most popular sport game in the world having billions of followers across the globe. This Android gaming app is of 58 MB size game If free-kicks are your love, then this app will become your new love from now onwards. You have the platform, you have the ball, now it is your time to showcase your skills in front of the world. You can play against the bot or simply challenge any real player across the globe, and then rain into the battles of free kicks to determine the winner. It has some of the awesome game modes which you can play. In one of the modes, you race against time, and after the allotted time is over, the one who scored maximum goals is the winner. Moreover, you can also play the career mode, in which you can start your journey from nobody to everybody. The in-app purchases range from 32 to 6771 rupees. See: Top Upcoming Games for Nintendo Switch in 2020 (From Electronics Arts)

Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer min

PlayStore – free


eFootball PES 2020

One more football Android game in our article, but this one is different. This game brings the insane craze of a real like football match right into your fingertips. When it comes to the gameplay, it offers you a very cool gaming experience and you are sure to enjoy each and every bit of it. One of the most astonishing things about this game is that you get the real fans and they cheer for you whenever you play a great shot or score a goal, so your backup is ready. The entire match is indeed a very crazy sort of stuff. The graphics are stunning and you will probably have no issues with it. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, this 1.7 GB hunk has got 80 to 7900 rupees of the same.

eFootball PES 2020 min

PlayStore – free


Glow Hockey

Now, Hockey enters our list, so all the fans of this wonderful sport, are you ready? But, yes, it offers you a different type of Hockey which you might have never played or seen before. First of all, the controls are simple and easy but you need to put in all those extra efforts in order to master them. It features a one versus one mode for you to play. If you are thinking about the themes, then let me inform you that it supports three amazing themes. The graphics are also nice and the entire gameplay is user friendly and the overall environment is also simple and attractive. Your device will vibrate whenever you score a goal, and it is a good feature. Furthermore, four difficulty modes are available in it and they range from easy to insane, so choose accordingly. The size of this game is 25 MB. |And now, let me surprise you with the fact that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Glow Hockey min

PlayStore – free


World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

How can this game be left behind in a cricket crazy nation? If cricket is your sport, then you are definitely going to like this beauty also. It can be played in both online and offline modes, though in order to enjoy it to the fullest you must be connected to the internet, still, you can also play it without the internet. It consists of all the small and big cricket tournaments and even some dedicated events of the app itself and all of them are just majestic.

Moreover, you also get almost all the live events in it, which means you can play and enjoy the live ongoing cricket matches virtually. You can play as your favorite team and also customize the team and players to a large extent. This app gets frequent updates and you are sure to find something new and exciting at regular intervals. The graphics are just fantastic and you will most probably be impressed by them. You will have to shell off 15 to 3550 rupees if you plan to make in-app purchases.

World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2 min

PlayStore – free



Most of us are big fans of UFC, no doubt about that. So, this game is surely going to grab your attention. First of all, your journey starts as a budding guy who dares to dream, and in his dream, he dreams to conquer UFC. But, in order to do the same, you must beat the hell out of the rest. You will have to go through tons of deadly fights and if you emerge victorious in all of them, then congratulations, you are the undisputed king of the virtual world of UFC. The graphics are superb and you may even fall in love with it.

The loud scream of applause from fans is set to give you some goosebumps. Always keep in mind that after you win each fight, things are only going to get worse, as the level of difficulty is only going to boom at a very rapid rate. This game is of a little over 1 GB. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they are of the range 80 to 7900 rupees.


PlayStore – free


Punch Boxing 3D

How many of you are fans of Boxing? Well, I guess many of you. So, this game is just made for you. It is one of the coolest Boxing games out there, and it is set to thrill you. The size of this Android Boxing game is just 19 MB, but do not judge it by its small size, rather, judge it after you have played it. The graphics are good for its size and you most probably will not be having any issues regarding the same. Once you download this game and start your journey, get ready to face over thirty of the best and deadly boxers of this good old blue planet. You will be going head to head with boxers from the USA, Britain, Thailand, Singapore, and so on. You must practice really hard to beat the hell out of all your rivals and showcase them your insane skills and also be prepared for their out of the world skills. Your bank balance will be reduced by 120 to 6000 rupees if you make the in-app purchases.


PlayStore – free


3D Tennis

A tennis game for Android phones enters our article now. It is one of the best tennis games available in the Android world. This game will surely impress you by all the stuff that it comes loaded with, and if you are a tennis fan, then you are surely going to remain hooked to it. In simple words, it has got something for everybody. You will definitely like the all 3D gameplay and will praise it. You can control this game with a simple swipe. It comes packed with two game modes, and they are – quick play mode and the world tour mode. In the world tour mode, you can start your journey to rise to the top, and achieve ultimate glory. But, for that you need crazy practice, which you can do in the quick play mode, so get ready to conquer it. The money that you need to shell off for the in-app purchases is of the range 125 to 6223 rupees. Last but not least, the size of this app is just 15 MB.

3D Tennis sport game for 2020 min

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Golf King – World Tour

All the golf lovers out there here is your game. I know all of us are inspired by the first billionaire of sports history – Tiger Woods, so let us try to bring out the Tiger Woods within us by playing it. You get the freedom of playing golf in some of the mesmerizing locations across the globe, and the graphics are also cool, all thanks to the 97 MB size and designing team. The controls are easy and you will learn them within a few minutes, but yes you will have to put in the efforts of days to master them and excel in your virtual career. You will be competing against some of the best and patience crushing golfers across the globe, so you must be ready in advance. Furthermore, you can also play it with all your near and dear ones. Overall, it offers you some of the wonderful and majestic golf experiences that you have always dreamt of. The in-app purchases are of the range 60 to 10100 rupees.

Golf King World Tour e-sports 2020 game  for android

PlayStore – free

Thus, these are the eight best sports games of 2020. After going through his article, I hope that you might have found the best game for you, so what are you waiting for? Just head to the virtual store and get it now and let the never-ending entertainment begin.

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