Top 5 free Webcam Software for Windows 10/8/7 PC

We use our phone more often for video calling via the front camera as well as the back camera. We do not have to think of a much to be in a video conference because of the availability of the feature in Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and the other apps that supports calling on a video mode. From connecting to a friend to connect with a family member or in a video conference meeting it is so much effective to interact.

However, it is not so simple when we talk about a Windows computer or a Laptop. We would need a certain type of tools to call someone in a video mode. But it does not mean that we cannot use it in a windows platform. The availability of such software or apps for windows makes it affirmative to get the job done. If we can find the best software for an individual that suits perfectly for him/her then it is not a hard drill to implement.

IP Camera Viewer

In the windows platform, it is a good pick from the many free webcam apps available. With the help of this app, you can see the videos of external drives as well as from attached IP cameras with the PC on a live form.

IP Camera Viewer-min


  • It is mainly known for its services of surveillance of any home. You can use the multiple cameras simultaneously to track any data or video.
  • The video properties option permits us to enhance the quality of a video by changing the resolution or frame rate.
  • And even the customization of any image can be changed via changing the brightness or contrast and other options available in the properties. The interface of the software is very sober and easy to use.

It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. 


Logitech Webcam Application

This webcam program is considered in the top-notch category from this segment. If you need proof about it then you can have it by the downloading records of it. Quickcam Express is the former name of this software.

Logitech Webcam Application-min


  • It is best compatible with the webcams of Logitech. For the functionality of a Logitech webcam, this software is best to run the webcam without any barrier.
  • You should update the drives on a consistence basis to get a proper and safer environment for the better working facility.
  • And you do not have to worry about the price of this application because it is free but you need a webcam of Logitech to run it accordingly.

You can use it on the platforms like Windows Vista service pack 2, Windows 7, 8 or 10.



For video calling purposes, ManyCam is one of the best suitable webcams software because of the functionality of it and the effects it causes when you are in video format calling. If anyone having some sort of difficulty while using a webcam then this is the answer for them to fix the problem.


  • It has two types of versions. First is the free version and the second one is obviously the paid one. The free service comes with some limited protocols while the paid version is divided into two verities- ManyCam Pro, ManyCam Enterprise.
  • If you pay for the paid versions then you can get more services from it which consisted of effects and filters as well as the compatibility with the streaming of IP camera.
  • However, you cannot expect a full package from ManyCam for excluding some of the features that other webcams offer to you. But if you are satisfied with some normal features in a webcam then it could be good to have.
manycam best web cam software for windows 10-min

It also supports the platforms of Windows Vista SP2, 10, 8, 8.1 and 7.



This is the kind of software which has all the capability to give a fight to other software from this genre. MyCam could mesmerize you with its charm and charisma. Avoiding the tension of the type of webcam, it enables the users to record videos as well as grants to take snapshots.

e2esoft mycam webcam software free windows 10-min


  • The most simple and amazing part of this webcam application is it can function perfectly with a webcam avoiding the need of any other supporting app or services.
  • Just install the app in your windows device and it is ready to use. In various formats, you can be able to save videos or shots. If you do not want to give much time to set up and run a webcam then this app is perfect for you.
  • The free version will leave watermark, to remove that one has to purchase a paid version.

Like the other apps we mentioned above this also runs in Windows Vista SP2, 10, 8, 8.1 or 7.



If you seek a different kind of free webcam program then you can switch your attention to SplitCam. It has some features that will remind you of the Selfie Apps because of the similarity in features.

SplitCam Free webcam software for Windows 10-min


  • You can place a 3D object on the place of your head by replacing your head with it in the video. It also offers you to attach funny o cool things in the image for fun.
  • The app is also compatible with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Youtube or Skype etc.
  • It is a webcam app but you will be able to use it for streaming of any video. The service of the app is free for you to enjoy.

It is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.


Final Conclusion

  • If you need a good surveillance webcam then you can go for IP Camera Viewer.
  • The owners of the Logitech webcams should pick the Logitech Webcam App.
  • ManyCam would work good for video calling and you can choose this for it.
  • For streaming purposes, ManyCam is perfect to support your agenda.
  • The fun elements are available in SplitCam.

Closing it

According to your wishes, you can pick the right Webcam app for you to have a great experience with self-satisfaction.