Want to create groups without names, soon WhatsApp will allow it

Mark Zuckerberg simplified the hassle of deciding WhatsApp group names with the announcement of the new Unnamed Group feature.

In between the recent launches of several outstanding features on WhatsApp, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new unnamed group chat feature on WhatsApp. The unnamed feature allows users to create groups instantly without the hassle of choosing a name for them.

Zuckerberg took up his Facebook page and Meta’s Instagram page to introduce the world to the new Unname group feature of WhatsApp a few days back. The post showed an exemplary name, Rocco & Li-Chen, created dynamically by the application for two participants named Rocco and Li-Chen.

Making it simpler to start WhatsApp groups by naming them based on who’s in the chat when you don’t feel like coming up with another name,” captioned Zuckerberg.

According to a TechCrunch Report, this feature allows only a limited number of participants. Unlike typical WhatsApp groups that allow users to create groups with a maximum of 1,024 participants, the new Unnamed groups only support Six participants.

These WhatsApp groups will have unique names on each smartphone from which the chat is accessed. The application dynamically creates a name for the group based on the name with which a participant’s contact information is saved on a mobile device.

With the development of new convenient features, the application ensures that the security and privacy of its users are not at stake. In the case of joining an alien group, only the number will be visible to unknown participants who do not have the number saved in the contact feed. This feature primarily targets friends and family groups.

The feature is currently in its experimental phase and is being tested according to user convenience. The application is likely to go live in the coming weeks on iOS, Android, macOS, and the web.

WhatsApp has revolutionized the platform in the past few weeks with its continuous updates. The platform has approximately 2 billion users across the world, making it one of the biggest social media platforms. It recently introduced the screen-sharing feature during video calls and the ability to record and share short video messages.

The application added support for HD photos in its latest update. And is further working on introducing HD video support in the coming future.